Why We Should Reuse Our Teabags

by uair01

Nowadays, similar to what is happening in our country today, we experience recession regarding our finances in our own households. Because of this, we exhaust all possible means to be able to scrimp and save. This is true particularly when we are buying our groceries, preparing our food, serving and finally eating it. This can be applied in the drinking of our beverages as well, especially tea. Instant tea enclosed in tea bags are commonly used today, and this is one way of saving our food resources.

Tea is easily becoming one of the favorite beverages of most people today. Similar to coffee, it also contains certain amounts of antioxidants that are healthful to our bodies. Antioxidants are said to fight the free radicals in our bodies and helps in the prevention of cancer cell growth. It is considered by many as contributory factor to weight loss.

But how can it aid us in our efforts to save money?

The bags can be reused, and you will still get the taste of the same amount of tea as when they were first prepared and served. The technique is to remove them immediately from the cup with boiled water when making a cup of tea. For the second preparation, the bag must be steeped a while longer to get the same taste as for the first preparation. Some people will say they were able to prepare up to five servings from a single tea bag. Now this is what we call scrimping while saving money. You might not notice it, but when this is practiced daily and you total the amount of money being saved with each preparation, this is already quite a lot.

Although some of these can be quite expensive, these are of the high-quality types and the ones that can be reused.

In fact, there are already expensive tea bags that are sold Therefore, even if these are expensive; the fact that they can be reused makes for more savings instead. Green tea type is also costly, but bearing in mind that it contains more antioxidant, you can get more health benefits out of it aside from the money saved from reusing it.

Reusing of tea bags is a wise move for those who want to save on resources while enjoying a cup and tea and enjoying it more the second time around. And one of the best ways to enjoy your tea is by drinking it from one of these gorgeous tea mugs such as the china tea mugs.

Drinking tea from ceramic tea mugs, or infusing them before using tea infuser mugs is one of the best ways to truly enjoy that second cup of tea.

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