Your Body Is Your Compass

Think you’ve been left out? Not a chance. Each one of us was created with our very own ability to grasp exactly where we need to be, what we need to be doing and who we’re to be doing ‘it’ with. Disagree? Let’s put it this way, have you ever had a hunch and neglected to act upon it? That’s what I’m talking about……Whether we like it or not, there is a plan and the end
result is the same. It seems we ignore the inclinations and then struggle with the outcome.

In 1998, I met someone I ‘knew’ was someone I was meant to connect with; yet, not for long. However, the decision made was one that would challenge my integrity (personal truth) as well as conflict with society’s expectations. What an appropriate test! And, I mean test…. you see, I firmly believe each one of us fundamentally knows what’s best for us and we consistently make choices in order to challenge this knowing. Why? Look at it this way, why does a child do something you ask him or her not to do? To test what they’re hearing as well as what they suspect to be true. Sadly, adults discount the inner wisdom of a child ultimately squelching the impulsive, free spirit. As we grow, we take on doubting ourselves. The interesting twist to this concept is even though we doubt, we never give up the test … that is what I’m talking about.

There are some schools of thought stating that self doubt is bad and harmful. What if it’s not? What if it’s our way of waking ourselves up? Let’s face it; many of us love a good game. Maybe this is our way of keeping life interesting….hmmmm … AND, if it’s a wakeup call, that means we are providing ourselves with a choice. In this moment of noticing the feelings of


disappointment and let down, we are present and aware which lends itself to the choice of either perpetuating the awareness or simply slipping back into ‘life continuing to happen to you’…..the choice is clearly yours.

However, for those of us who like to have some sense of what’s going on (otherwise known as control freaks), we must practice paying attention to how we feel in any given moment about any given situation. Our feelings will guide us and even though we truly do not have a say about how things ultimately go, we are tapped into Source and going with the flow. We’re aware of the next step, trusting the value of the process. According to Deepak Chopra,
this is another way of saying, ‘detached intention’.

If you are as much of a control freak as I am, it’ll take some time to peel your fingers from the steering wheel; however, I say go for it. Pretend life is a roller coaster … raise your arms … laugh AND cry … let it all out. Emotions are the vehicle for releasing cellular memory. If you don’t release, you’ll never shift your experience in life. This is what I suspect to be the reason why many people do not take the risk of following their hunches / heart. They are afraid the emotions will never stop; that life will not be different; that they’re destined to be heavy, unhappy, stuck in a rut; or they are such control freaks they need to know exactly how things are going to go (can you say fear?). Again, it’s really ok if you don’t want to take chances….I’m just attempting to stir the fires in those on the verge of going for it….

What was the result of that relationship? A divorce even though I struggled with the commitment I made to him as well as what the world would think of me. What a waste of energy! After much consideration, my discovery was this: for most of my life, I was committed
to challenge, growth, and self love. Staying in a situation I knew I didn’t belong was going against my commitment to me and it became a question of which commitment was bigger. I chose to step away because I loved both of us enough to honor the calling rather than remain stuck in a paradigm that didn’t match my belief system. As I see it, each one of us faces similar degrees of commitment and it takes courage as well as awareness to distinguish the
differences and know how to prioritize them.

Ghostwriter / Writer, Dental Professional, Researcher and Body Wisdom Coach, I’ve seen firsthand what’s possible when an individual utilizes a variety of modalities. This makes sense considering we are all uniquely different. Why not employ individualized treatment that best suit the individual needs? My intent is to keep people informed of their options as well as inspire them to make the choice that best serves them. Follow me on twitter

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