does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?

does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?

Question by Pajama Wars: does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?
i want to know about the secrets of ancient kabbalah…

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Answer by Goddess of Nuts (PBUH)
Talk to the Mandeans of southern Iraq. Hurry though, before the Muslims kill them all.

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  1. squealy68Oct 14, 2011

    Have you tried Madonna?

  2. chris pOct 14, 2011

    I doubt that there is an ancient test still intact that has it all.

    Most of the texts were destroyed.

    It was a form of Divination as you should know.

  3. MarielaOct 14, 2011

    ahhhhhhhhhh that brit’s religon. and paris hilton too. is anyone teaching that here. i caould choose that for my personal religon.
    this is mariela

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