how do I know if it’s my spirit guide?

how do I know if it’s my spirit guide?

Question by totsz13: how do I know if it’s my spirit guide?
how do I know if my spirit guide is really my spirit guide instead of a demon ? I just started talking to my “spirit guide “, and I held a pen to a paper and he wrote back. but how do I know if it isn’t something else ?

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Spirit Guides is a lengthy subject. If you’d like you can e-mail me.

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  1. Minxy XOct 14, 2011

    Dont trust this “spirit guide” at all yet. Keep asking it questions. See if you can corner it into giving some real answers. Like ask it its name…

    Usually if its your spirit guide it will feel familiar to you. Your spirit guide has been with you since your creation.(that sounds so churchy)

  2. emfederinOct 14, 2011

    If you stop believing in fairy tales, your problem will evaporate!

    There are no gods, ghosts or gremlins.

    Or demons, or spirit guides, or any other hokus-pokus critters out there.

  3. prettypoisonOct 14, 2011

    why do you need a spirit guide when you have God to guide you. I listened ot mine and all I got was suicidal all the time.

  4. ablexOct 14, 2011

    It’s neither, actually.
    But have fun with that.

  5. Dave ROct 14, 2011

    Ask yourself; “What is a spirit guide?”

    –A spirit which guides. There are lots and lots of entities (spirits) out there, and many of them will leap to guide you if you ask, and even if you don’t in many cases. Where will they guide you, though?

    The concept of “My Spirit Guide” is a vast over-simplification. Entities are often just dead people, or those which were unable to incarnate. There are many entities which do not incarnate as a natural function of their being. They are just as fallible as any person you might meet on the street, and like everybody, they all have opinions. Just because one of them has managed to take control of your motor processes and use your body to communicate does not in any way indicate that it is special or wise. In many cases, they can be quite nasty. Those which are of a positive, giving orientation do not as a general rule subvert Free Will by taking control of a person’s body unless direct permission is given.

    A good question to ask is this: “Are you STS or STO?” (Service To Self or Service To Others) If it is, as is usually the case, STS, then you would do well to send it on its way. The more repeated contacts you make the more grooved you will become to its will. –I’ve dealt with entities like this before and it can get very ugly very fast if you are not careful.

    The fact that you are able to channel in this manner means that you are more tuned to this kind of thing than most, and thereby a desirable target. A technique you might employ is that of working on energy cycling and the regular upkeep of an energy sphere around yourself to keep unwanted energies out. (Not maintained through, “Love and Light”; that’s a tasty energy treat for leaches, but rather forceful intent. –The same you might project to keep annoying people from talking to you.)

    Another possibility is that you have what is known as an Attachment; another soul or being which occupies your body and which rides along with you. It is not uncommon for people to have several at a time; when you find your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are fluctuating, it may mean that somebody else is injecting their mind into yours. You might want to look into Spirit Release Therapy to clean your engine.

    There is a lot of information about this sort of thing to be found here. . .

    Take care!

  6. darin0000Oct 14, 2011

    really your spirit guide is an angel..spirit guides are make believe spirts that have multiple personality traits created by their believers
    if you persist on doing this you will develop a pychocosis mentally.
    when you say spirit guide that is universal you can mean anything
    no spirit takes on all personalities and a spirit does not have a brain
    you cant control a has no free will…our human conterparts think we can conceal a spirit and make it under your command..keep dreaming

    a true spirit guide is an angel set aside for your use.or command
    under Gods authority God give this special angel for your use or command and its really biblical..angels shall keep you in all your ways

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