“Waves Meditation 1” by Elena Haskins (elenahaskins.com)

“Waves Meditation 1” by Elena Haskins (elenahaskins.com)

Nordic-Celtic pagan spirituality prayer and meditation video by Elena Haskins (elenahaskins.com). Waves and sky visuals with titles in English and Brynjúlfson Runefont type, sound effects and spoken word track are combined for a Nordic-Celtic pagan spirituality guided meditation experience. More information at: www.elenahaskins.com Soundtrack & Visuals ©2007 Elena Haskins
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  1. ElenaHaskinsOct 16, 2011

    Thank you for your kind words, Farimath.

  2. MagickalHummingbirdOct 16, 2011

    ~*~ Brightest Blessings Shazzyp Bear My Kindred Sister Witch In The Craft Of The Wise! ~*~

    This Is A Beautiful Video! I ♥LOVE♥ All Of Your Videos! You RoCk! 🙂 ~~~ Thamk You For FLYING By My Channel & Gifting Me With Your Lovely Comment! I Tried MANY Times To Post A Comment On Your Profile ~ But It Never Posts! YouTube Glitches! HUGZ!

    ~*~ Blessed Be! )O( ~*~

    ~*~*~*~ Magickal Hummingbird ~*~*~*~

  3. anji75Oct 16, 2011

    wonderful video.

  4. msdragonfly1Oct 16, 2011

    hey lady bug, i’ve missed you!

  5. NeskaBeanOct 16, 2011

    I agree with everything you said, especially regarding doctrine, and our/my desire for there to be a lack thereof in regards to this way. Great video!

  6. 333stuarttucker333Oct 16, 2011

    Thankyou so much for the mention! im so glad i could inspire you a bit 🙂 loved this video, love all your videos, 🙂
    much love and light to you, this was really insightful! blessed be )O(

  7. FantasyFaeryT1Oct 16, 2011

    Very amazing video!!!!!!!!!! I really love hearing your thoughts!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!


  8. DollyAndTheBlackDogOct 16, 2011

    I love your videos, I think this one is quite special… Light and love!

  9. RivaWitchOct 16, 2011

    Wonderful video. Beautifully said!

  10. CoconutSummer11Oct 16, 2011

    I REALLY hope that Our religion does not end up with s Doctrine! OMG that would be just WRONG!
    Part of the main reason that I chose this path was because there was no Doctrine.

  11. TheMsJohneeOct 16, 2011

    I agree with what you said about a coming doctrine, I keep seeing signs of that especially in those who are involved in a coven. That’s why I prefer to work Solitary. Great video!
    ~Blessed Be~

  12. heidelbergerinOct 16, 2011

    Really loved this video, Sy. Video response may well be on its way to you. I’d be really interested to see what you wrote on your five pages… if you’ve not already burned them, that is! bb xxx

  13. TheLadyMysticOct 16, 2011

    LOVE IT!…definately agree with you especially the part on spirituality coming from heritage and ancestry…very good vid!

  14. backstreetboy2012Oct 16, 2011

    I know that there is something out there, because I feel it so strong, I know that the divine is around me, I can ,,see” it, since I was very young things happened to me, and I felt protected by something, I knew that life on earth is not the only way of life and that there is more after the death. I also love nature, I have lots of plants at home and nature was a part of me since I can remember and wicca was a great thing for me I don’t know if wicca is the right religion for me but who knows ?

  15. backstreetboy2012Oct 16, 2011

    I’m so happy that I have the possibility to watch your videos, they are so full of emotions, you really reached my soul.
    I was born in an orthodox family the I discovered the catholic church and I started do embrace that type of spirituality, but there where so many things that I couldn’t understand and I realized that my GOD was different from the God that the bible was talking about.

  16. ErrienderRavenheartOct 16, 2011

    this video was really quite beautiful. I saw you really connect there. You seem very peaceful. =]
    blessed be

  17. akkonababyOct 16, 2011

    lol I love your videos they are so FUNNY and true 😀

  18. CrazieDreamerOct 16, 2011

    Thank you for this video. You rock as usual! :o)

  19. RainbowPagon1982Oct 16, 2011

    really good video i know what it is like to get side track

  20. WiccanAlexOct 16, 2011

    Such a great video…I think Wadjitstar is right about people liking systems and how we all need to make sure that Wicca remains a flexible path…and I think it will. I love your style of videos too, you really inspire me. Blessed Be, Alex 🙂

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