Why is it that Atheists come to “Religion and Spirituality?”?

Why is it that Atheists come to “Religion and Spirituality?”?

Question by wendalore: Why is it that Atheists come to “Religion and Spirituality?”?
Since they do not believe in them? (another millionth question – I think I’ve seen this one.)

Is it to feel better than religious people by dint of their superiority?

Is it to spread the light of wisdom to what they see as the primitive “heathen”… as if they were like the missionaries in the olden days come to spread Christianity to the Pagans?

Is it because they are so much happier than Theists, and they want everyone to be happy like they are?

I got a LOT of answers to my question about Atheism being a kind of faith. The dedication of the Atheist, whom, day or night, can be found to tell Theists they are wrong does smack of the fervor of the Evangelical missionary. So I guess on an emotional level, it still seems like a kind of faith to me.

But I digress: Speaking as honestly as you can, looking deep inside, why do you, Atheist person, come here to R&S?

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Answer by Sea squill Squill
Environmental factors determine one’s beliefs. This is why the Truth with a capital T is timeless. Note how ‘timeless’ doesn’t take a capital T… this is because our universe is one atom of another universe.

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  1. KurtOct 16, 2011

    Same reason there are doctors in an insane asylum.

  2. Inigo MontoyaOct 16, 2011

    Because the religious legislate their ridiculous religious beliefs and I want that to stop

    Plus it’s a good place to waste time.

    Edit: You do realize that an atheist can be spiritual (and religious) and still not believe in any gods?

  3. A Canadian AtheistOct 16, 2011

    To educate those who are, clearly, not capable of understanding that ALL gods are imaginary.

  4. Takkun.Oct 16, 2011

    …We can’t be spiritual?
    R&S isn’t all about your little religions. D:<

  5. happy wife and mumOct 16, 2011

    To debate a subject I find genuinely interesting.

  6. Shahid AfridiOct 16, 2011

    i dunno

  7. neil sOct 16, 2011

    I believe in religion, since there is plenty of evidence that religions exist.

    I come here so the undecided can have something other than theistic nonsense to think about.

  8. TransposedOct 16, 2011

    Why do people read fiction novels when they know they are fiction?

  9. Angry Natalie PortmanOct 16, 2011

    Because it’s religion and SPIRITUALITY.

  10. Vascular ImprobabilityOct 16, 2011

    It’s to know what the enemy is doing and thinking. Intelligence gathering.

  11. TaZOct 16, 2011

    Nowhere else to go!

    I see many theists frequently in other sections. (eg: Chris .. Pastor on Programming, Apostle Jack on Philosophy …)

    Only a couple of atheists anywhere else. (There is one atheist in Computers & Programming … I don’t know why he is there … giving out dumb answers as he does on R&S).


  12. SurfUpOct 16, 2011

    You see Atheists and I see avatars. One evil-intentioned troll can use many different Avatars to attack any R&S Forum including being connected up to different websites, therefore trolling different website R&S Forums at the same time. Insane? I agree…

  13. Gazoo for PrezidentOct 16, 2011

    The last time we left you guys go totally unchallenged we got the Dark Ages. We’d just like to avoid a repeat.

  14. Evidence PleaseOct 16, 2011

    Kurt said it best.

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