How to Create an English Herb Garden

Learning how to create an English herb garden is a great way to add scent and flavor to your garden. English herb gardens were traditionally used for culinary and medicinal purposes. These gardens were common in many households, and they make an great addition to your home. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on how to create an English herb garden.


The layout of an English herb garden is an important factor to consider when creating this type of herb garden. English herb gardens were also known as kitchen gardens. These gardens also contained vegetables and flowers, and you can feel free to add them to your English herb garden. When planning they layout of your English herb garden you should first decide on the the shape. Adding a focal point such as a bird bath or statue is a good way to add English garden style to your herb garden. Separate yoru herb gaen into sections and consider using some herbs as borders.

English Garden Herbs

Basil is a sweet herb that enjoys full sun and grows annually. This herb will grow to about 18 inches in height.

Another great herb is borage. It enjoys full sun and will attract bees. This annual is hardy and grows about 24 inches in height.

Chamomile is a great herb for medicinal and culinary purposes and it can be grown easily. When starting chamomile by seed make sure it has sunlight. This wonderful herb has pretty white flowers and will make a great addition to your English herb garden.

A hardy herb that will basically take care of itself is chives. This perennial grows from about a foot to 2 feet tall and it likes sun. and partial shade. Both the leaves and flowers are delicious.

Dill is a nice herb for your English garden. This annual will grow well in a sunny spot. It will grow about 2 feet high and enjoys well drained soil.

Lemon balm is an essential for an English herb garden. IT can be used for cooking, making tea, and medicinal tinctures. This perennial plant grows easily and will over take your garden if left unchecked. It enjoys sun and partial shade.

A large variety of mint will be nice in your English herb garden. Mint has both medicinal and culinary purposes and it can grow u to 3 feet tall. It is a hardy grower and a perennial.

Oregano is another perennial plant for your English herb garden. This herb loves sunny spots and grows up to 2 feet in height.

Sage is a perennial evergreen that loves sun and well draining soil. It is susceptible to wind, and it grows up to 2 feet in height.

It is easy to create an English herb garden using the information provided in this article. So go out and get gardening!

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