Do you think “martial arts” is a misnomer as a “spiritual practice”?

Do you think “martial arts” is a misnomer as a “spiritual practice”?

Question by Dragonlady: Do you think “martial arts” is a misnomer as a “spiritual practice”?

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Answer by Curious Mouse
It depends on how serious you take it. The traditional martial arts were a lifestyle that involved the mind body and spirit. However, today in the United States martial arts has been watered down to more of a hobby or a sport. Not everywhere but if you watch enough television you will see ads for tons of different martial arts centers.

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  1. SteveNov 12, 2011

    No, I’m pretty sure ‘martial arts’ refers to one being able to kick someones’ ass so that they can’t hurt you.

  2. TheMadProfessorNov 12, 2011

    In the more ‘pure’ forms, most martial arts incorporate various practices to increase focus thru meditation and the like…many of these involve spiritual rites and concepts such as ki, so no reason they shouldn’t be considered as such.

  3. Eye of MarsNov 12, 2011

    Not necessarily.

    The term ‘martial arts’ is used most commonly with hand-to-hand or weapon-based fighting styles from Asia, many of which had philosophical or spiritual components to it. However, the term can and does apply to any sort of martial training. The hand-to-hand combat taught to American Marines is a martial art. Learning how to swing a German Zweihander is a martial art. Learning how to fire a rifle is a type of martial art.

    So in the strictest sense, a martial art is training in the ways of combat, either armed or unarmed. That being said, there doesn’t have to be some sort of spiritual facet to it.

  4. mediumdaddyNov 12, 2011

    Tai Qi Gong…is something you can look into..

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