Calendula: A healing herb

Calendula: A healing herb Calendula is a healing herb. Calendula is one of the most healing herbs for wounds. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory herb, an herbal burn remedy and a first aid herb.

  1. 0synesthete0Nov 16, 2011

    my mum is a homeopath, so ever since childhood calendula ointment has healed all kinds of cuts, bruises, wounds, burns, skin irritations etc. tried and tested hundreds of times, i’ve come to associate calendula’s healing powers as being akin to mother’s care.

  2. healthyhealingnowNov 16, 2011

    Love it! I am new to herbalism and can’t wait to grow this plant and make medicine with it!

  3. ringojunoNov 16, 2011

    Great video! Very informative!!

  4. celticbattleaxeNov 16, 2011

    Calendula is quite a helpful herb. It is a great astringent, promotes clotting to a wound, and also comes with antiseptic properties.

  5. omarluvsisamarNov 16, 2011

    @duciaciao Wow okay. ThankS!

  6. theAceMod1979Nov 16, 2011

    orange king is a great variety,i adore calendula.

  7. 26mel1Nov 16, 2011

    Mosquitoes stay away from this awesome herb 😀

  8. miabelaraNov 16, 2011

    wow that is quite a caendula patch!! do you plant seeds or transplant seedlings?

  9. KayakFisher01Nov 16, 2011

    How close are the plants planted in your garden. They look very close.

  10. angelmist15Nov 16, 2011

    is it possible to use it for eczema? if so how do you use the flower for this condition- i.e. is it better to make the oil first then apply it? use it fresh and apply?…

  11. jihadacadienNov 16, 2011

    Nice vid, and thanks now I have to find some seeds 😉

  12. duciaciaoNov 16, 2011


    I heard that it is a good cream for night moisturizer and can be good for the acne skin. (Moisturizing for acne). But aloe vera is good for acne.

  13. ilgranderompiscatoleNov 16, 2011

    purtropo non capisco cosa dice ma sono molto interesata al mio paese la usano molto e dicono che fa bene a tante cose piano imparero

  14. omarluvsisamarNov 16, 2011

    does this herb work for acne redness and scars??

  15. TorDruidNov 16, 2011

    brilliant just what i needed to see tonight

  16. TheLoveofmylife07Nov 16, 2011

    Thank you, that was so informative.

  17. 0517bogotaNov 16, 2011

    i have a calendula cream, i bought it to vanish a some scars, does it work?

  18. RMCrowleyNov 16, 2011

    my dad has an ulcer.. I ordered some seeds.. what do we do eat the petals raw?

  19. pilomaya2012Nov 16, 2011

    its a wonderful herb! golden and liquid in light!
    i use it as an healing salve and also a tea daily.i am starting to grow it now.i make my own salve!
    blessings to you thanks.

  20. CearaQCNov 16, 2011

    Read a lot. Good info online. It takes time.
    Calendula is soooo easy to grow. Just toss seeds on the dirt and they will do their own thing. They will flower PROFUSELY until winter. They even take a few frosts. Keep picking flowers and the plant will continue to make flowers. If you let it go to seed, it will cease producing flowers because it thinks it’s job is done making seeds and thus ending it’s annual life.

  21. 26mel1Nov 16, 2011

    Do you export the herbal products ?

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