02 Firelands – “The Best of Celtic Music”

02 Firelands – “The Best of Celtic Music”

Album: “The Best of Celtic Music” Track: 02 Firelands Perform by: Tracey Hewat
Video Rating: 4 / 5

this is just something i needed for a RPg… so…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. TheSheMuttNov 20, 2011

    @Hellwyr …what? are you being serious or are you kidding ?

  2. HellwyrNov 20, 2011

    whats celtic blood, how does that look like is it blue white??

  3. psychedelikk64Nov 20, 2011

    @TheSheMutt I’m so jealous!

  4. TheLeinadhNov 20, 2011

    Dank youtube und co kann man denn ganzen chartsmist entfliehen,und danach suchen was wirklich gute musik ist

  5. Whisky666Nov 20, 2011


    Ah, okay! Vielen Dank!

  6. romhamzahNov 20, 2011

    I’m proud to be born in mixed origin. now I know I’ve got so many relative around the world. thanks to all bro and sis which had given their comment here. (I’m sorry _ No offence I hope)

  7. EldenwickNov 20, 2011

    @TheSheMutt me too!! 😀

  8. littlemissdressmakerNov 20, 2011

    anybody knows the guitar chords for this?

  9. DanIrish409Nov 20, 2011

    @Gronarix save for Brittany in northern france

  10. DanIrish409Nov 20, 2011

    @Gronarix but there is nobody left in France that has any celtic heritage. They all went to Wales, Ireland (majority), and Scotland. The Romans swept over gaul and destroyed all and any celtic artifacts and cultural remains, so they left and went to Ireland, where the romans never conquered, I am irish, Erin Go Bragh!!!

  11. Aennee1Nov 20, 2011


  12. GronarixNov 20, 2011


    Hahaha, I know right? People don’t realize that Celts came from all of Gallia which was a large chunk of Northwestern Europe. The majority of Gallia used to be where France is today.

  13. lpf173Nov 20, 2011

    @TheSheMutt Me2, out of all my heretige I’m most proud of being Celtic.

  14. TheSheMuttNov 20, 2011

    @PeRuCa666 🙂

  15. FalconShadowNov 20, 2011

    @slaneslau they are back but simply they hide from the christians….

  16. rowankerr69Nov 20, 2011

    @slaneslau HELL YEA!!

  17. Ravenslove35Nov 20, 2011

    @slaneslau We are here…we never left!!!..lol

  18. KutsaiChanNov 20, 2011

    @ethusiasm Exactly. Did you know that… and this just sickens me, that it wasn’t until the year 2001 that the mayor or Salem apologized and said all of the accused witches were innocent?

    And I’d love to see what the world would be like if the old religion wasn’t snuffed out and labeled as basically socially unacceptable.

  19. zGalfNov 20, 2011

    This music reminds me off of my 1st time in Westport when i was 17 years old drinking in a pub called The West. Great town, great people and great traditional music in the pub. Glad i’m Irish 🙂

  20. TheHorrorShockNov 20, 2011

    the picture and the music are to beaitful!

  21. dimitrischania7Nov 20, 2011

    this song is like telling u a story from the old times!!! u can write a book or make a movie if u close or eyes, listen it and let it guide your imagination!!!!!

  22. GovernmentHarlequinNov 20, 2011

    @slaneslau We never left xD

  23. Rehabftw1Nov 20, 2011

    MotorsportUK2009 your intolerance will get you nothing, if some one is a true witch then you have no reason to burn them. While some people have just seen harry potter to many times, it is a way of life for the rest of us. a life we do not get to live freely because of people.

  24. NessaOfDorthonionNov 20, 2011

    @Alibbiyax How neat, I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason :]

  25. celticbattleaxeNov 20, 2011

    @slaneslau I’m with you!!
    Blessed be times Three! )O( )O( )O( /l

  26. manfiedeeNov 20, 2011

    Proud to be Irish

  27. HirizaKyoNov 20, 2011

    @xy2z1997 I agree….

  28. slaneslauNov 20, 2011

    after saying that i hope ur a girl. or at least have a sister

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