Consciousness Evolving Without Religion

bit incoherent *cough cough* which i apologize for. for the purposes of this video, as discussed herein, i use the term “spirituality” as it pertains to the distinctive characteristics of a being or entity. there’s more to my views on that, which if anyone’s interested i might expand on in a future video. suffice to say, i do NOT think spirituality *as a factor of human psychology* or as a human inclination, necessitates any belief in the supernatural, or a belief in an immortal soul or an afterlife. its more referring to the concept of Self and the assumption that there is something distinct to each individual, beyond mere appearance, which seems so prevalent in our species. obviously, here in this discussion i’ve not mentioned the phase of polytheism which dominated much of human history, but its not really germane to this discussion. early spiritual practices and rituals were centered around communicating with, placating, or trying to influence their god or gods. this inevitably lead to giving the people responsible for this, power and influence within the group. thus was born religion. just one instrument of many that human beings have devised to control or manipulate one another. it need not arise that way. other worlds will have other conditions, and the intelligent beings who evolve may do so from predatory carnivores, and therefore have less empathy for certain lifeforms, and hence they would develop differently. or they could be nocturnal, or aquatic, or any

Leo Rutherford – Spirituality without Religion – Finding your Path With Heart One Sunday morning, at the Chapel Arts Centre in Bath, Leo Rutherford gave a talk on the joys and blessings of the Christian faith……
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  1. there is a theory now that if earth was founded by extra terrestrial life it might definitely be Aquatic…

    they hens the fact that we know more about the surface of our moon than we do of the deepest depths of the oceans in our own planet…

    theory says the Octopus is a good candidate for being the most intelligent species in the sea. and have been known to build things and create tools…

    they might know things we don’t ^_^

  2. I don’t think it’s only about interconnectedness with the other “stuff”, maybe not even mainly. I think our sense of alienation due to our being (self-)aware is a more important factor. The fact that we can go “What the f*** is all this? Why is it this way? Why am I who I am and not someone else?” (our capacity to imagine other worlds and other “me’s”). This gives us the feeling that we’re more than and different from the other stuff. Hence our search for connection with something beyond this.

  3. Spirituality like everything else has no absolute definition.
    My dreams are real, in death, my spirit dies with me.
    My spirit dies and manifests into future life forms.
    Whether that life is conscious of its existence or not is irrelevant.It exists.

  4. Your ideas are pretty much the ideas I’ve had. I think that your spirituality later probably led to other worldy spirits and such, as a coping mechanism for death. Easier to deal with death if you believe you become a spirit and part of the spirit world. Then you could converse with your ancestors, etc. I think that is the root of religion. Once control freaks realized they could manipulate others through their fears, they used that spirituality, and thus religion was born. That’s my take anyway

  5. love it! Wish I was high too to get the full effect. 😉 I have a lot of same views that you expressed here.

  6. Excellent question and response.

    Factor: a species that is of “Newtonian” size scale that for whatever reason perceives the nuances of quantum scale interactions. Kind of like dr. Manhattan without the god-like manipulation of matter.

    Hypothesis: it is possible for humans to on some level perceive quantum interactions in deep meditation.

    Test: have meditator reach deep meditation near collision point at LHC with all the gadgets hooked up to him/her for measurement. Record results and compare

  7. i don’t see any religious arguments yet….hahaha OH YEAH!!! funk you hit the nail on the head!!!

  8. @TheLummer66 The need for control has been oppressive but has also been a means to create advancements. In other words would a non proselytising culture be able to spread its culture, language and ideas to create a more technologically advanced culture. Such a culture wouldn’t find the need. I guess what I’m saying is, across the pond, listening to you ask this question, is due to some part of religious zeal. I don’t think it could happen any other way.

  9. Great topic!!! I think as others have said even human cultures have existed without religiousity, but they haven’t excelled as cultures. The progression of a culture needs to provide a collective set of values to succeed and also be able to physically defend those values. The control of which you eluded to was a perfect tool. If you think about it the use of english as a language is somewhat global now, and could have only come about with the british empire. cont

  10. Religion is out growth of reading intention into others. Being able to read intention in others allows us to cooperate and trust others. Our ability to read intention leads us to over apply the ability. A rock rolls down a hill and kills someone, you read intention into this, the rock is malevolent, this leads to animism. Spirits inhabit objects of nature this evolved into religion.

  11. @mikwid Oh yeah… I’ve even attempted to label myself “spiritual”, but it doesn’t feel right hehe.

  12. @gothatfunk The ones with the cross hairs. I’d love to have a pair of those for live poker games.

  13. @tattooskin72 – Haven’t you ever been called a “spriritual, new ager” or some such label by someone when the subject of god came up? I have but then I have gotten to the point where instead of being annoyed, I just laugh. That’s along the lines I was taking it. 😉

  14. just for correcting the info , religions got corrupted because of the preechers
    Islam has its rituals that with it you get connected with whats within and acknowledge the divine by worship , the lord is everywhere within and without, not all who arent muslims go to hell , there are people who havent recieved the right teachings of islam who are living with high morals and ethics who will end up in heaven while the muslim will end up in hell because of not being moral and having the right manners

  15. “so of course woman first notice, and then persuade then man to catch up”

    haha, man this made my day 🙂

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