Natural remedies for menopause Healthy living and real relief from menopause the natural way. Holistic medicine, homeopathy and herbs for menopause for night sweats and hot flushes. Go risk free with natural healing and say no to drugs. Avoid cancer risks — go natural. Learn More at:
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4 thoughts on “Natural remedies for menopause

  1. Another natural aid is moisture wicking sleepwear. I got some pajamas from CoolWickingPJs and they really wicked away the moisture in about a minute.

  2. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, CEO of Eastern Essentials Chinese Herbal Medicine, and I developed what I consider to be the best treatment available to treat menopause symptoms. 100% NATURAL!

    You can read about it at Eastern Essentials.

    This formula is designed to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes (sometimes called hot flashes), sweating, menstrual irregularities, and mental disturbances such as anxiety and nervousness. This formula treats Menopause at the source.

  3. I studied your eclass on homeopathy for hot flushes and decided my hot flushes fitted into the glonoine remedy. My flushed have improved out of site. Thankyou very much.

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