Native American Spirituality – How “Indians” Think

Native American Spirituality – How “Indians” Think

Mike Tarbell of The Iroquois Museum, speaks of Native American Spirituality He encourages you to go seek answers for your problems. One of the ways is to get out in nature… be still and listen…

  1. pansarblackNov 25, 2011

    @Bayliss27 Its those moments when the crow stares right into you and you simply understand what it has to say to you. Or when the squirrel sits at your feet to tell you a story. Or when the large oak tree in your back yard gives you a save place to hide or to meditate or siply enjoy its pressence. It is moments like these that you know you have reached comunication.

  2. faithinchaosboyNov 25, 2011

    My heart aches to see how sick the world is, although im very spiritual its impossiable for me to be adjusted to the sick society i live in. I know the Natural truth will save us in the end, peace

  3. JemianceNov 25, 2011

    @Bayliss27 Nobody can tell you, it will contact you in it’s own way or give you an answer.

  4. Bayliss27Nov 25, 2011

    @redsunflower67 I dont mean to be rude or offensive but if you aren’t a native or dont know the traditions very well then how would I for example know when the tree was answering me? Again I dont mean to be rude and i am fascinated by Native culture but again i have no native blood in me so how would i know when a spirit be it from a tree or an animal is answering me?

  5. gardini100Nov 25, 2011

    @ShaolinRyan oh i did not know that ..inuit from now 🙂

  6. ShaolinRyanNov 25, 2011

    @gardini100 corection now they are no longer called eskimoes that word is quite offensive “it means raw meat eaters” now they are called inuit because it is their traditional peoples name.

  7. ShaolinRyanNov 25, 2011

    i agree with his words they are the same as my elders

  8. gardini100Nov 25, 2011

    weird as it sounds natives are all over the the world ..same ,eskimoes ,in the north ..and even not explored tribes in a jungle somewhere on this planet …but they share the same religion …so the creator and his way is way older than any modern religion 🙂

  9. PacificCircle1Nov 25, 2011

    i’m Chicano and I agree 100% with this speaker.

  10. IamMohawkNov 25, 2011

    @rezsurfer I have viewed your youtube channel and I see you do nothing to carry the stories, I am not your judge but I do have my own mind. This man that made this video was very respectful of us all and Mr Tarbell I am sure would agree. Are you looking for an answer in your life? Are you mad at something in your life? I meant no harm with my suggestion of you finding some other culture to watch. It is very clear that your heart is not were it should be when searching. Peace

  11. rezsurferNov 25, 2011

    @IamMohawk im sure you believe the hollywood song of “our” people is real also.. the song of hiawatha was created by a white man, and made all indians in movies and cartoons as onne song. deep drums in back ground. we ALL dont need flutes and drums because we all aint sterotypes living in todays world. maybe you and others enjoy pretending to be all stoaic and like flutes and drums behind you voice. I for one and many i know do not like it its a generation gap.

  12. IamMohawkNov 25, 2011

    @rezsurfer That music is a very big part of us and our way of life. Maybe you should find a culture that fits your likes and stop watching anything that irritates you. Peace Jim

  13. runingblackbearNov 25, 2011

    smoke the tobacco and your hate will go away

  14. georgiaswamperNov 25, 2011

    @xmikeyxex never met him, but he is one wise man! i enjoy his words more than any others i have heard.

  15. selenadelosNov 25, 2011

    I know there are many many whites that embrace their Pre-Christian Heritage and all I have is blessings for those that do. The Christians had 2 thousand years and all they have proven in all this time is they will go along with anything even Ethnic Cleansing if it profits them some land and gold and they have no heart or shame about it and as matter of fact seem rather proud of it, and then degenerates want to preach to others about their Christ

  16. PaganBorn79Nov 25, 2011

    @selenadelos Some of us white people are pretty damn sick of these intolerant christians too. Oh well, it only strenghtens our beliefs and makes me realize how lucky I am not to be christian.

  17. PaganBorn79Nov 25, 2011

    @1desjarlais Salvation? seriously? You’re so called salvation was the cause of the greatest human atrocities in the entire history of mankind. Hitler (also a christian) was practically a saint to the jews compared to what you christians did to the First Nations. You make me sick

  18. rezsurferNov 25, 2011

    why they hell when people talk about native people or stuff always got to have flutes or some drum in the backgrounds? irritating

  19. bass109Nov 25, 2011

    Jesus christ is way, truth, and life for all. Give him everything

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