Spiritual Messages from Modern Shaman are Free, and Freeing

Spiritual Messages from Modern Shaman are Free, and Freeing

Hillsborough, NC (Vocus) September 22, 2009

Spiritual Messenger and Modern Shaman Laine Cunningham has launched a free bulletin. Every week, messages with special meaning are pulled from the natural world and the world humans have created. The bulletins guide readers toward a better awareness of their place in the world and provide insight into issues large and small.

Cunninghams approach is unique. She mixes perspectives from Native American, Australian Aboriginal and Hawaiian cultures with psychology for a truly deep understanding of human behavior. When appropriate, she dips into studies of everything from behavioral science to brain chemistry. The eclectic blend results in surprisingly accessible techniques that are perfectly suited to the modern seeker.

For the past ten years, Cunningham has produced lasting solutions using the best of humanitys knowledge. Her quest for universal truth led her to explore the worlds greatest religions. Threads of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism are woven into her seminars as often as are thoughts from native spiritual systems. Individuals from a wide range of backgrounds find that their individual beliefs are honored and enhanced by new perspectives.

Since religion and spirituality are influenced by society, Cunningham has studied the histories of several nations. By tracing the interaction of culture and belief through time, her understanding grew deeper. The result is a profound ability to speak meaningfully about issues people have faced for millennia.

One area where she has gained perspective is related to marriage and divorce. People often wonder why the divorce rate is so high these days. Some say it reflects a deterioration in moral values. Cunningham strongly disagrees. By looking at how different cultures have viewed marriage throughout history, she uncovered societal changes that impacted marriage.

The European notion of marriage, for example, was entirely about creating strong political networks. Women had little, if any, choice about their husbands. Connections and social status ruled; love wasnt even in the picture. Under those conditions, extramarital affairs for men and women were common.

The perspective of many native cultures, however, was much different. In most tribes where women were equal to men, wives could choose their husbands and opt for divorce. If the man was abusive, the choice was clear. Yet women initiated divorce for other important reasons. If the man ignored his wife, played the field, or even turned out to be lazywhich often impaired the familys ability to survive, just as it does todaythe woman ended the relationship.

A higher divorce rate is actually a sign that women are empowered, Cunningham says. Only decades ago, women were expected to silently suffer domestic violence, emotional abuse, an absent or addicted husband, and other relationship ailments. The moment they gained the power to choose, they gained the power to leave a bad marriage.

Its infinitely better to move on than to cling to something thats destructive to your soul, Cunningham says. Men also benefit from womens ability to choose because they have gained more freedom in who they marry. And, of course, both genders are able to live single lives without the disapproval or rumors that might have cropped up decades ago.

Wedded bliss is not an easy thing to find, Cunningham says. Women must be able to shape their lives in a way that is healthy and supportive. Sometimes divorce is part of that process.

Other issues she tackles include spiritual love, relationships at work and at home, loss and grief, chronic illness, achieving dreams, and creating true abundance. We are all divine. Let us celebrate that divinity in the everyday, she says.

To sign up for the bulletin or to learn more about attending a seminar, visit the Workshops page of her website.

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