Celtic Music Musica Celta The Rights of Mans

Celtic Music Musica Celta The Rights of Mans

the best celtic music for th wonderfull persons that enjoy this
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Christian Celtic music worship musica celta alabanza adoracion
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. W3AR3AN0NYM0U5Dec 12, 2011

    full of the joys of life

  2. celtic4ever18Dec 12, 2011

    this is a hornpipe  english pirate music

  3. sixtodecimoDec 12, 2011


  4. crisss128Dec 12, 2011

    This is a good version of the song, but my favourite(and I believe the best) is watch?v=_11gwEHygnI&feature=autoplay&list=WL4BA4E818BDE82D1E&lf=BFp&playnext=7

  5. WTFover66Dec 12, 2011

    the tree of life.

  6. cherrybeatandkissingDec 12, 2011


  7. dogfightvjDec 12, 2011

    who made this song i hate when people never put the names ¬¬

  8. BayumGirl123Dec 12, 2011

    2 People don’t have rights. LOL

  9. SevenneDec 12, 2011

    @steamrailwilly Could it be Bruce Mitchell?

  10. muzz10100Dec 12, 2011

    muy pero muy buena !!!

  11. monika6218Dec 12, 2011

    J’ai longtemps cherché avant de trouver le nom de l’artiste, il s’agit de Bruce Mitchell, et j’ai pu commander l’album où se trouve ce titre sur “Amazon”. L’album s’appelle “Celtic Destiny”.

  12. Janesmile30Dec 12, 2011

    What’s that tree in the picture?

  13. mariadelosangelesrocDec 12, 2011

    maravillosa gracias.

  14. steamrailwillyDec 12, 2011

    does anyone know the name of the artist(s) and the album that this version is from? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  15. SilverRodentDec 12, 2011

    Seriously, did you steal this from the first poster or something? The videos are EXACTLY THE SAME. Wait, not exactly, this video has my favourite part cut out for no reason whatsoever.

  16. lge546rDec 12, 2011

    I love Celtic culture, especially celtic paintings and celtic music, and this song is a great one.

  17. MartinchoDHDec 12, 2011

    Music of the Druids!!

  18. wytchangellDec 12, 2011

    @Pumbs666 Tem um programa chamado aTube Catcher 2.0.399 que vc coloca o URL do video no utube e baixa free pro seu pc ^^

    If you didnt speak portuguese
    There is a program aTubecatcher 2.0.399, you can do free downloads when you put the youtube URL.

  19. SilverRodentDec 12, 2011

    Why is this video almost exactly the same as one I watched frequently a while ago (which for some reason no longer appears to exist) with the only differences being poorer quality, and the best bit at the end being cut out?

  20. Pumbs666Dec 12, 2011

    Eu amo essa múisica, alguém sabe onde posso baixa-la nessa versão?

    I love this song, does anyone know where I can download it in this version?

  21. 87ShineDec 12, 2011

    This is my favorit Celtic song.the best on the YT

  22. TheCTISShowcaseDec 12, 2011

    Check out my original song Beautiful Light on my channel “theCTISShowcase”.

  23. SuperCupcakes7Dec 12, 2011

    I love this music! Makes me want to get up and dance with other dancers.

  24. LuckyandMazzel101Dec 12, 2011

    I love celtic music, and also christian music! Thnx for uploading this!

  25. MsSeventhsoulDec 12, 2011

    Am not scottish but I love this! Beautiful!

  26. Takame9Dec 12, 2011

    Do you have the score?

  27. thevenusstarliteDec 12, 2011



    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  29. FolkGuitarsDec 13, 2011

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you like celtic music
    check out my channel for folk and celtic guitar videos


  30. DMTDivinorumDec 13, 2011


  31. blackninga5000Dec 13, 2011

    this is an awesome song god bless

  32. gabycurillanDec 13, 2011

    Yiii-haa! Bendiciones! :)

  33. xUobteXxDec 13, 2011

    LOVE Celtic music! Makes me very happy. God’s blessings everyone :)

  34. jarsnjDec 13, 2011

    I cant get enough of this kind of music!! LOVE IT! God bless you!

  35. ivanasimic1Dec 13, 2011

    Blesings from Croatia :)

  36. 55tallonDec 13, 2011

    i love celtic. i play feedog. tried bagpipes but did not have enough wind

  37. MrStrictlyStockDec 13, 2011

    The Celts at one time ruled over much of Europe – the La Tene Culture. Is this music Pan-Celtic or just Irish? 

  38. maysh83Dec 13, 2011

    I can just feel the crisp ocean air flying around me as I look out over the Cliffs of Moher! Erin go Bragh and AMEN!

  39. raggedygirl1Dec 13, 2011


  40. CeltPersonDec 13, 2011

    I am both Irish and an Orthodox Christian, and Saint Patrick (Pádraig) is my patron Saint. The similarities to Orthodoxy are there because Ireland was Orthodox even after the great schism in 1052. The Pope had to break apart our monasteries and get rid of our Orthodox bishops before Catholicism could take root.

  41. NidzoBananaDec 13, 2011

    i am serbian and i so much love the irish people,music and tradition.also the celtic roots of christianity which is so simmilar with our orthodox christian faith.when i read the life of st. patrick it nearly moved me to tears.
    never sell yourself to the EU,stay strong

    from serbia with love

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