POSITIVE THINKING Guided Meditation Music Vid Twin Den Falls

POSITIVE THINKING Guided Meditation Music Vid Twin Den Falls

iTunes Meditation Album Link: itunes.apple.com cdbaby.com Amplify your heroic abilities!! My Dear Friend, You have safely arrived at Twinden Falls. Yet your epic journey has just begun. In this epic tale which is already transforming into your own truth, you are the protagonist. You may even prove to be the hero we have all been waiting for. I will serve you as your humble guide, and guardian in your journeys. I will appear to you and be heard by you as both a physical and spiritual entity. Henceforth, I am the watchful eyes that will watch over your every footstep here, and I am the listening ears that will heed the hidden whispers that cling to the airs surrounding you. However I can only be your helping hands. I can never be the all encompassing embrace of your entire universe. Nor would I ever rob you of your own, all powerful, free will… cdbaby.com

  1. BladeofRSDec 12, 2011

    Amazing video ­čÖé nice work, very mind refreshing; makes you think about the details´╗┐ in life.

  2. hythamsDec 12, 2011

    thanxxxxx that was great , keep on´╗┐ the good work………..

  3. barbaraclauserdotcomDec 12, 2011


  4. apns1981Dec 12, 2011

    i m looking´╗┐ for guided meditation on greek…please if know something send me. thanks!

  5. nikla102Dec 12, 2011

    Wow. What a vid. Wonder whats inside the´╗┐ entrance. Beautiful vid. though.

  6. idaretodreamDec 12, 2011

    @RedHimJoy by Aeternus he´╗┐ means Eternal =)

  7. JmontasticDec 12, 2011

    wow ahahha, just stumbled over this and as i was picturing my mind the infinite amt of detail, i had sudden burst of energy and my mind became more´╗┐ clear .. ahhaa nice

  8. lionvocDec 12, 2011

    may i know the title´╗┐ and the singer of the song? i like it very much… thanks for sharing it.

  9. CyberwiidDec 12, 2011

    i love you! thank you namaste´╗┐

  10. TurboTiteDec 12, 2011

    Haha, thanks for making this… for me, for all of´╗┐ us!!

  11. sallymagicsallyDec 13, 2011

    Perfect for´╗┐ relaxing, enjoyed.

  12. iamatwinnieDec 13, 2011

    wow´╗┐ amazing…..thanks so muchx

  13. spidernavDec 13, 2011

    whatever this is,´╗┐ it is incredibly inspiring and spirit lifting . . and exactly what i needed right now too . .

    thanks Theatron!

  14. letmelivemylife2008Dec 13, 2011

    Thank´╗┐ you for this video..

  15. RedHimJoyDec 13, 2011

    What is´╗┐ Aeternus ?

  16. leon6266Dec 13, 2011

    very nice and relaxing mate thanks for´╗┐ uploading it

  17. sarahsum1Dec 13, 2011

    Very good, thank you. You´╗┐ have a gorgeously relaxing voice.

  18. awesomejohnnetDec 13, 2011

    thank you for your´╗┐ efforts and good will. it is much appreciated

  19. Cloudforever99Dec 13, 2011

    I like this….this for for the believers…the people with imaginations´╗┐ and faith

    very nice

  20. satchopasge21Dec 13, 2011


  21. newtheatronDec 13, 2011

    Thank you Pandawhite9,

    for´╗┐ your powerful, refreshing comment:)


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