Best Melodic Trance Songs

Best Melodic Trance Songs

My selection of melodic trance songs Check out this channel for some more great trance tunes (Spac3trance): Please check Best Melodic Trance Songs Part II ­čśë Listen in HQ: Tracklist: 1. Dutch Force – Deadline 2. System F – Out Of The Blue 3. Above & Beyond – Oceanic 4. Barthezz – Infected 5. Veracocha – Carte Blanche 6. Vincent de Moor – Fly Away 7. Barthezz – On The Move 8. Energy 52 – Caf├ę del Mar 9. Binary Finary 1999 (Paul van Dijk mix)
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  1. TheYabayusDec 16, 2011

    The fact that sets trance apart from other music genres is “lyrics” – There are NONE

    It is entirely YOU´╗┐ the song evolves around !

  2. TheCammyMarshDec 16, 2011

    @N20Step haahaa matee´╗┐ im from scotland and im a dj !

  3. PSV7200Dec 16, 2011

    Hi. My name is PSV7200, and i am a 13 year old uplifting/progressive trance producer

    I would like you guys to please visit´╗┐ my channel, and check my music out.

    U may think that going to my channel is a waste of time, but its not. i´╗┐ produce uplifting songs with FL studio, and i guarantee that its not a waste of time


  4. exekutionerDec 16, 2011

    omg nice nice +10000000 :D´╗┐

  5. liljuve13Dec 16, 2011

    Above´╗┐ and Beyond!!! <3<3<3

  6. Samcycling39Dec 16, 2011

    Please help me´╗┐ to find the tittle of the music in´╗┐ my video.
    Thank you everybody ! ­čÖé

  7. ComatosedMusicDec 16, 2011

    Hello, my name is Comatose, I’m a producer with over 500 subscriptions since September.

    I have been producing music since´╗┐ July 2011.

    My goal is to reach 1000 subscriptions by the´╗┐ end of this year, then complete my first EP by summer 2012.

    I ask that you please listen and provide feedback so that I may later improve current songs as well as other songs I produce in the future.

    Please thumps up and subscribe to increase the amount of people giving feedback to my work.

    Thank you all ­čÖé

  8. jooker54Dec 16, 2011

    amazing, xongratulations!!!!!!!´╗┐

  9. 03IMPALASSDec 16, 2011

    @OceanicVistaMusic´╗┐ agreed

  10. CameegoDec 16, 2011

    @OceanicVistaMusic Rap is´╗┐ horseshit.

  11. iAmStrengthlyFitDec 16, 2011

    thumbs up if you like this song too much to click on the hot blonde school girl over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>´╗┐

  12. N20StepDec 17, 2011

    these songs take me back… there just as good now than they were then. ­čÖé

    I would much love if everyone could subscribe to us we are two Dj’s from Scotland that will be uploading weekly podcasts and any songs you would like to hear, we will try our best´╗┐ to please our fans kind regards N2o-Step

  13. Hstylezx408Dec 17, 2011

    anyone know´╗┐ the name of the song playing at 0:00- 6:35 in this video please?? /watch?v=PmWY6SYJawY



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