Celtic Music – Where I Belong

Celtic Music – Where I Belong

Get this Song here: adrianvonziegler.bandcamp.com or on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Get real CD’s here: www.cdbaby.com Facebook / Twitter / Merchandise: www.facebook.com twitter.com www.redbubble.com The only Celtic Song by now which I composed in a Major Scale, therefore it also has the happiest Feel to it. As always, I arranged it completely on Keyboard. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16. © Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler. Links to similar Songs: Cliffs of Moher: www.youtube.com Wild Flower: www.youtube.com Hringhorni: www.youtube.com Black Sam: www.youtube.com Gaelic Earth: www.youtube.com Sons of the Allfather: www.youtube.com Freedom Spirit: www.youtube.com A Celtic Lore: www.youtube.com Skilfingr: www.youtube.com A Celtic Tale: www.youtube.com Rune Magic: www.youtube.com Gleipnir: www.youtube.com The Sylvans Path: www.youtube.com DISCLAIMER: The Picture was edited by Carina Grimm, although neither of us owns the Original.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Relaxing Celtic Music
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. omophagiaDec 28, 2011

    it feels so cheerful

  2. TheDevilishCupcakeDec 28, 2011


  3. FantasyLord19Dec 28, 2011

    You love Ireland, and you think you belong there, right? Cause i Googled Ireland, and found this picture too 🙂

  4. SoldierofMetal1Dec 28, 2011

    @iamachangeling im doing the exact same thing right now xD only i have a mid term review for my geometry right now haha

  5. SoldierofMetal1Dec 28, 2011

    @QueenTutankhamun theres something i say to people like that. Im in deep love with music and then theres people who enjoy it. What i say personally, “some people hear music, others actually listen”.

  6. jeffreycocoDec 28, 2011

    I love the celtic music, real Irish and scottish music is brilliant and I love it.. 

  7. 0d0i0a0n0e0L0a0Dec 28, 2011


  8. QueenTutankhamunDec 28, 2011

    Sometimes, I try to explain to my friends who listen to nothing but popular music who ask me why I listen to this music. I always fail to describe the feelings and emotions that music like this makes me experience. And in every attempt I make, they just give me the typical “Wtf?” look and call me strange an unusual, and it makes me think that there may not be anyone in the world that understands music like this. Then I remember there must be, because otherwise, this music wouldn’t exist.

  9. Pengalsworth1Dec 28, 2011

    Do you sell just the transcripts by chance.

  10. xbox360ftw123Dec 28, 2011


    I thank you, this song that you have composed helped me to get through the pain of something that happened to the girl I fell in love with, it made me calm. I will still take care of the matter later when I’m older, but I thank you. You make wonderful music and keep on making it.


  11. DrDustinCareyDec 28, 2011

    Incredible music. You have a real talent

  12. all4musicaDec 28, 2011

    Thank you for sharing the gift of your music*~

  13. iamachangelingDec 29, 2011

    i am attempting my geometry homework, but the beauty if this song makes me look up every five minutes and just marvel at the awesomeness! keep it up you are really talented!

  14. ChezarcatDec 29, 2011

    This is The Music that belongs in the most beautiful world, that human mind could ever create……..I dont know if this sounds like a compliment, but it is XD

    Thank You for your works, they bring me so much happynes ^.^

  15. DanasLilMakeupDec 29, 2011

    Can’t get enough of this song, reminds me always to my second home, Ireland <3

  16. WinddrivenDreamerDec 29, 2011

    Your songs just give me shivers! I love celtic music and yours is simply beautiful! 🙂 keep it up and I’ll try to remember to like you on facebook ^.^

  17. ragescytherDec 29, 2011

    This song, it evokes a forlorn feeling of happiness from within. “It is over ” he spoke gazing at the sunset, giving a wistful smile he turned around “It is finally over..
    A journey full of pain sadness, loss but in the end if you give it your all its finally over”
    a few tears trailed down his cheek and hit the ground

  18. BigOsLuresDec 29, 2011

    Man your stuff is so cool that when i listen to it i feel like im in Ireland with all of its culture. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. BigOsLuresDec 29, 2011

    i love this song

  20. WoodenCompDec 29, 2011

    I just can’t shake the feeling of winter and Christmas when I hear this. (I usually hate the winter but this feeling is.. cozy) I look at the date this was added and I understand why, last time I heard this was in December. Loved it then, love it now. Good job.

  21. 3picxpure3Dec 29, 2011

    I love it, just totally love it, thanks for uploading such beauty

  22. themackdaddy093Dec 29, 2011


  23. guitarlearner89Dec 29, 2011

    love it

  24. lkellermanl543Dec 29, 2011

    makes me wish i could visit ireland!

  25. crypto986Dec 29, 2011

    I so want to shit next to the front tree…oh yeaaaaaa

  26. LuckzzzDec 29, 2011

    When I’ll get rich I will do a house exactly like that.. F*** you all ..

  27. minicouldronDec 29, 2011

    @TheFroen like a dream blessings be

  28. SammyMelodyDec 29, 2011

    @mrprdemelo Yay! Let’s create a residential community ;D (sorry if the word is wrong, I translated it with google xD)

  29. mrprdemeloDec 29, 2011

    @SammyMelody you’re not the only one! =D

  30. Zanyun9329Dec 29, 2011

    Ah! C’était exactement le genre de musique que je voulais écouter 😀
    Merci! 😛

  31. Yanani1000Dec 29, 2011


  32. TheWONDERFUL1ifyDec 29, 2011


  33. TheWONDERFUL1ifyDec 29, 2011

    my favorite.

  34. DreamtwirlDec 29, 2011

    i wish the place in the picture exist. Looks soo cosy and magical

  35. mhdnhgnhdfdgDec 29, 2011


  36. 04D3214Dec 29, 2011

    @zorrodefender5 it’s pronounced Fin and the Fee’na. Ancient Irish folklore.

  37. TheFroenDec 29, 2011

    very nice music..

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