Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Others: How do we all prevent new religious wars & religious persecutions?

Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Others: How do we all prevent new religious wars & religious persecutions?

Question by Andy F: Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Others: How do we all prevent new religious wars & religious persecutions?
Obviously, many of the people contributing questions and answers to YA on “Religion & Spirituality” have many disagreements about religion, ethics, the existence or non-existence of God, and several other subjects.

OK, so we have these disagreements, and some of us feel passionately about them.

But given that this is the reality today, how do we avoid taking the next step towards Hell on Earth, and violently fighting each other over religion and/or the negation of religion?

After all, one of the beauties of Yahoo Answers is that it gives each of us the chance to express our own religious beliefs, whatever they are, and to listen to other people expressing their beliefs.

It gives each of us the chance to argue against all of the others, if we feel that is right, and in some cases YA may give some of us the chance to be “converted” by the words of others.

Yet in many societies around the world, at many different times in history, people fought and killed each other over the kinds of religious disagreements that we can peacefully explore on Yahoo. Holy wars & Crusades & Jihads were fought against unbelievers. Violent revolutions occurred in the name of one faith or another.

And apparently saintly and harmless individuals turned from leading apparently blameless lives to the hunting down of “heretics,” with the result that innocent people were tortured & killed for disagreeing with their kings, caliphs, bishops or neighbors about the nature of God.

How do all of us who love to debate and tease each other here in the R&S section make sure that those violent & intolerant & bloody days of religious persecution never come again?

Or let’s say “most of us” here in R&S, since probably a few of us are religious True Believers who do like the notion of violent Holy Wars.

How do MOST of us in here find ways to keep speaking up for what we think is the “truth” — whatever that may be, and no matter who disagrees with it — without running the risk that we will turn a relatively tolerant society like the USA into a new scene of religious intolerance & bloodshed, such as Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Iraq or, say, northern Nigeria or Gujurat under the dominion of rival religious mobs?
A an added note of clarifying: I really would like to ask people about how to AVOID religious wars (and anti-religous wars) and persecutions.

I didn’t really mean to ask whether we should launch a war against a particular religion to “end religious war”, which to me seems an oxymoron.

Best answer:

Answer by I’m on a mission from God
There will always be people who believe that their god wants them to kill the nonbelievers. There is nothing we can do to prevent this without taking away human rights.

I’m persecuted every other day. That doesn’t mean that I need to back down or get up in arms about it. I will stand up for what I think is right, and I will not be violent. That’s the only thing I can do about it.

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  1. H@z@r@hDec 30, 2011

    All of us should have true understanding about different religions.

    May Allah guide all of us through the right path.

  2. Dáwn®Dec 30, 2011

    Its deeper than religion bro .. theres always somebody behind the scenes collecting a big check and they lay low cause they aint stupid .. those are the people you need to look at .. the string pullers … they will play people on their differences be they religious, ethnic, ect to make a buck .. thats why Jesus said that profound statement so long ago ‘the root of all evil is the love of money’ … you want to prevent it i have a suggestion, look at the United States and the principles on which it was founded and which we have all but forgotten .. you have to cut the balls off the people that manipulate the economy to have true freedom and thats the cleanest way to say it .. our founding fathers saw it .. and DID it .. and we forgot what exactly they did .. the propblem in the revolutionary days was at its core an economic problem .. taxation without representation but you have to fully understand what they were fighting against.

  3. invest$$$Dec 30, 2011

    By overcoming violent dogma.. maybe religious people realizing that there might be a higher power (maybe) but that mythology is mythology and no one religion is the only way.. this would prevent intolerance.. or atleast help… also, for both atheists and theists to realize that no one knows the truth for sure. atheists should realize that there might actually be some higher power out there.. theists need to realize that there might be no god.. christians need to realize that maybe they are wrong and buddhists are right.. or muslims should realize that maybe jews are.. or no one is.

    if people of differing religions, people that believe in a higher power, people that believe nothing… all realize that no one really knows and that we should, therefore respect the other person’s beliefs.. there would be no holy wars. atheists would tolerate theists, christians would tolerate wiccans, wiccans would tolerate jews, etc… now.. the likelihood of human beings being mature enought to do that is questionable.. LOL

  4. The D.Dec 30, 2011

    I personally have my own personal truths, I allow others to say what they feel is their own truths, and allow them to worship as they please. If everyone would learn that we are all actually human beings, then maybe we could start making progress.

    Sadly, there is hatred, bigotry, and ignorance on all sides. So it takes those who don’t want that to work together to stop those that believe in that ideal.

    Damn it, I can’t troll, may as well contribute.

  5. mp3guyDec 30, 2011

    I’m sorry but the risk is immpossible to avoid. All people have free will. Some will agree with you, some disagree, some would want to kill you. It’s just the way humans were made and untill god comes down from heaven or science dicovers the truth, there will always be madmen out there using religion as an excuse to hurt others

  6. Pirate AM™Dec 30, 2011

    The first and foremost thing is to continue to support separation of church and state, followed by educating all people, especially immigrants, on why it is important and what it is designed to do. The follow on to this is the “hate crimes act” which recognizes that crimes due to intolerance are different than other crimes. These things need to be supported by education, not just about them, but a well rounded, solid education.

    On a world wide basis, education is a must as is the instillation of a world view and our responsibility to it.

  7. Aurora RyynänenDec 30, 2011

    Empathy, understanding, wisdom and maturity.

  8. Shalom Y'allDec 30, 2011

    You ask: >”Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Others: How do we all prevent new religious wars & religious persecutions?”< Start by eliminating islam which is commanded by it's so-called god allah to kill ALL who do not submit to it... which no honest muslim may deny... Then totally eliminate, from all of the other two opposing factions, ALL: Ego's, Pride, and Greed That might do it.... but I doubt it..... because you throw in the "others" faction.... totally unpredictable

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