Q&A: Does anyone else fly in their dreams?

Q&A: Does anyone else fly in their dreams?

Question by : Does anyone else fly in their dreams?
Every time I go to sleep, I dream quite vividly that I have the ability to fly. My dreams are never recurring and they vary as far as location within my dream, people present and what exactly might occur.

How high can you fly and for how long have you dreamed that you could? Are the dreams negative in nature or positive? Have you ever experienced what one may consider a “prophetic dream?”

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Answer by Briar Rose
I fly in my dreams. I fly above the ocean and pass through the mountains. The color was like in a fairyland. i thought I was gonna fall in the water but luckily, I fly higher and higher. I take it as a positive omen. Prophetic dream? I don’t think so.

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  1. MonikaDec 30, 2011

    I do and it feels great.I fly for about 1hr…2hr..unless i am in a real deep sleep.I dont think they are negetive since i have these dreams from childhood and nothing really bad happened to me!
    So keep dreaming..ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz………

  2. Zecronious ZammyDec 30, 2011

    Flying is the embodiment of freedom in a dream. In terms of mentality you are in a great place. They are not prophetic sorry.

    I always feel a strange sense of weightlessness that I can always recognize. When this happens I just run really fast and then I jump into the air like I’m diving. After that just fly around. If you want to try something really challenging then try hovering.

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