Trance Music :P– Nevada

Trance Music :P– Nevada

Long but good song. Artist- Audioplacid Song- Nevada

  1. dr1ve0rd1eDec 30, 2011

    Simply awesome!

  2. mateustrancegoaDec 30, 2011

    amo muito tudo isso !

  3. MexicanoCholo13Dec 30, 2011

    The longer the better D< I needs moar!

  4. Anonymouz6015Dec 30, 2011

    Where you get this with this quality?

  5. Anonymouz6015Dec 30, 2011

    the song and the picture are super awesome 😀

  6. Broncosmenace24Dec 30, 2011

    love this song ……. Take some booms and just blast this as loud as you can.

  7. CHNOPSXXYDec 30, 2011

    Las Vegas actually looks like this in May. Well, at least it did last night. God only knows what it will look like in the morning!

  8. VirkachDec 30, 2011

    it takes me back. digitally imported :) work, booze, pc 🙂

  9. yiotosDec 30, 2011

    Hye, amazing song, what year is this?

  10. ljinvegasDec 30, 2011

    Any where current in town to vibe at ?? I love this & most clubs don’t play trance like this … Awesome !!!

  11. journey124523Dec 30, 2011

    To download the audio of ANY youtube video, go to dirpy

  12. TheElementrixDec 30, 2011

    This is so awesome! This is my favorite Trance.

  13. yondervaultDec 30, 2011

    @battleseal2142 you could google it and see what pops up or check out torrents. i dont use limewire or anything like that.

  14. battleseal2142Dec 31, 2011

    Were can i download this

  15. FVRecordsDec 31, 2011

    This sounds awesome!
    Try checking out my music, its mainly trance and house, i hope one day i’ll be as good as this 😀
    Have a good day 🙂

  16. LadyGodva69Dec 31, 2011

    Love it~ Keep it comin~ Awesome mix….. love the beat.. makes me wanna release that hidden Energy from WIthin… ALL OUT~ GOooooooooooooooooo……….LOLOL

  17. AuthenticReactionDec 31, 2011

    Fu***in’ great!!!

  18. lowsunDec 31, 2011

    Oh…and I have those songs on CD’s, so let me know if you guys would like me to post them. Also – check out Nebula 42 – Northern Lights. Another great song that never got much attention, nor was is online for very long, back in 2001. A friend of mine posted it up, I’m trying to get it more recognition.

  19. lowsunDec 31, 2011

    Yeah, I remember listening to this guy (and this song) back in 2000 or so…he also had some other great tracks, such as Sunset, Late October (or October Sky) and View of the Clouds (or View from above the Clouds…I don’t remember the exact titles). He’s got some great stuff.

  20. JaeNoonDec 31, 2011

    you too

  21. BigglefuzzDec 31, 2011

    ya audioplacid was never a mainstream DJ, they just did it for the love of the music

  22. drummer1986Dec 31, 2011

    FMoRFt-wMRo Please check my tunes out thanks guys 🙂

  23. DJDanteSneroDec 31, 2011

    I was beginnig my production in this game/program 🙂

  24. bfkraven3Dec 31, 2011

    I remember this software when I was child 🙂 and now I´m making trance music that going to be released soon 🙂 amazing tune 😉 my congrats

  25. dimmuborgir82Dec 31, 2011

    Wow i had this creation package and i must say this is an awesome sound to achieve. especially from this old ps1 software. good job

  26. Alucard1151Dec 31, 2011

    Orgasmic hahaha ^^
    Gr8 job dude 😀

  27. supermariogalaxianDec 31, 2011

    1 dislike was from a person who never owned a PSX.

  28. ArimliDec 31, 2011

    @Transformndrollout 😉

  29. TransformndrolloutDec 31, 2011

    @Arimli Thank you so much  (-.-)

  30. ArimliDec 31, 2011

    I like it)

  31. MYBIGKINDHEARTDec 31, 2011




  32. troshsDec 31, 2011

    i just searched for this and according to Amazon UK there was a Music 3000 for the ps2. very interesting

  33. troshsDec 31, 2011

    @LatoyyaPaulinna google the lyrics. 9 times out of ten i find songs that way 🙂

  34. NexSociusDec 31, 2011

    ahh the good ol days of playstation 1 and M2k….i lost my mem card with my best song on it, and could never put it back together. Love this its great

  35. TransformndrolloutDec 31, 2011

    @fordmike The sounds are the originals from Music 2000 and I’ve composed this music fitting them on the note panel.
    They are not pre-made samples merged together.

  36. fordmikeDec 31, 2011

    did you create each sample from scratch or did you set pre-made samples to fit with each other?

  37. LatoyyaPaulinnaDec 31, 2011

    it’s a really good song tho i knew one rly good song and i’ve lost it… was from 2000-2007 i think….:( “like nothing else matters let me love you for eternity” the lyrics were something like that….if any1 has any ideas please tell me 😛

  38. TransformndrolloutDec 31, 2011

    Many Thanks!!! 😉

  39. drsadatDec 31, 2011

    beautiful composition, congrats

  40. steven3433Dec 31, 2011

    have you tried to mix the rock section with the trance it will sound awesome I still use this program to mix with my guitar, try music 3000 to mix them all together, sounds great though, x

  41. xXotakumasterXxDec 31, 2011

    “d-.-b” gets off gaia to put a comment up. cool song dude keep it up. ^_^

  42. niskullDec 31, 2011

    i never sound of this and for the ps1????

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