Effects of Spirituality in Medical Treatment

The Effects of Spirituality in Medical Treatment
The National Cancer Institute stated that in a large survey of cancer survivors, 61 percent reported using spirituality and prayer as a complementary treatment. Zachariae et al. defined spiritual healing as “a systematic, purposeful intervention by one …
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NJ Author, Psychotherapist Blasts Her Way Out of Spiritual Closet, Ignites Shift in Mainstream Thinking, Illuminates Bridge Between Scientific and Spiritual

Paramus, N J (PRWEB) January 23, 2010

Author Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed., DD, in her book Courageous Wake, compels western science to accept psychic and paranormal phenomena as natural and integral in shaping humans. The author validates people who fear being labeled crazy in relation in to their spiritual experiences. Courageous Wake chronicles the authors first-hand communications with God, angels, and spirits. The book is powerful testimony linking self-development and healing to the human connection with God.

Courageous Wake began as the authors quest to discover her life purpose and to remove obstacles to reaching her goals. First, Dr. Perry had to acknowledge her double life. She ran a conventional counseling practice, while secretly using her psychic and spiritual gifts to help her clients. Her operation was like one of those Mafia-owned funeral parlors in Brooklyn, Dr. Perry jokes. A chain of mystical events forced her to revisit her past and heal her traumatized inner child. She discovered her true identity and the key to real freedom: the ability to express herself on her terms, not according to societal expectations.

Perry asserts, Paying attention to ones intuition, divine signs, and other metaphysical phenomena is essential to solving lifes problems and attaining true happiness. Courageous Wake empowers people to stand grounded in their truths, to come out of the closets they are hiding in.

Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed., DD is an intuitive, spiritual healer, life coach, and author of Courageous Wake. A natural change agent, she combines her inner wisdom, sense of humor, and energy to help people rise to their full potential. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and son.

For information about Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed., DD or the book Courageous Wake, visit catherinepperry.net


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Down By The Sally Gardens Irish songs Celtic music Ireland folk traditional Ireland

Down By The Sally Gardens Irish songs Celtic music Ireland folk traditional Ireland

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