Have u ever had “hands on healing” in a church,ect. and did it make you feel great? feel spiritual or anything

Question by TuityFruity: Have u ever had “hands on healing” in a church,ect. and did it make you feel great? feel spiritual or anything

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Answer by †忍者Niks [child of Dhamma]
Is that when the person puts his hands on your head or shoulder and pushes you down?
It happened to my brothers friends…apparently they got scared.

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7 thoughts on “Have u ever had “hands on healing” in a church,ect. and did it make you feel great? feel spiritual or anything

  1. Yes, many times. But it is a mistake to think in terms of how you feel. If an experience is genuine, the Holy Spirit touches you, and your spirit knows. You may or not have an emotional feeling, but that is not an appropriate test of authenticity. It’s basis is spiritual.

  2. I’m a Catholic, but was visiting a church where faith healing was being done. An elderly woman laid hands on me and prayed. I was suffering from a certain medical condition, and after she touched me, it was gone. I definitely believe in Western medicine, and am not abandoning technology for faith healing anytime soon, but that really was interesting. I can’t explain it, but I really did feel better after she touched me. Also, when she put her hands on me, I felt some sort of weird energy surging through my body.

  3. Yes I have. This is a gift to those who have this discernment from God. God has given everyone a definable gift. One must pray and ask God to lead you as to what roll you may play (so to speak) in carrying out the task He has for you.

    I was healed from Systemic Lupus two years ago. I am testing negative. This healing came from my faith and the power of the Holy Spirit who was given this discernment to heal through another by the Holy Spirit.

  4. Engelbert has had “hands-on” healing. In a church, on the floor, on a towel by the door … On the couch, in the car, up against the minibar …

    And, it is simply divine. It puts the “hump” back into my Humperdinck.

    Go with Engelbert, my child.

  5. I used to belong to a Pentecostal Church that believed in the laying on of hands like you suggest. Now there is nothing wrong with this concept for it is biblical based. In the OT God instituted this where the High Priest used to lay both his hands on the sin offering to transfer the sin of Israel onto the sacrifice. Then it was killed and blood drawn, for life was in the blood. This animal had to die instead of the sinner, a life was taken for another.
    Therefore we need to understand this concept fully, otherwise we will land into big trouble.
    You see only sinless and righteous people could perform this ritual, and if you still had sin and layed your hands on someone, all you were doing is transferring your sin on to the person you were laying hands on. This is why Paul stressed this that we should not lay hands on people suddenly or as a ritual just because our doctrines tells us so.

    Learn how to become a sinless person here, http://www.nlmnewzealand.com, and only then may you lay hands on people for their healing.

    It is very dangerous to attend Churches like this where they reject one part of the atonement (His baptism) and uphold the other part, that of His blood on the Cross. All these kinds of people still have sin. This is evidenced by their many repentance prayers. In fact you should not even attend these kinds of heretical Churches…those who cut a divide (Titus 3:10-11).

  6. Yes and it was a wonderful experience.I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and will never forget it.Praise God.

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