Groove to the Trance

Groove to the Trance

Please visit Facebook & Myspace for MORE UPDATES Dance to the groovy trance music with foot-tapping sound effects. This track is produced by YOBOHO Music. Composed by Dhiresh Graphic by MAN_D Hope You All Enjoy!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. yourdarkangel36Jan 10, 2012

    @TripxWire32 Beaaaast! :DD<3!

  2. timtom8484Jan 10, 2012

    This is really good 🙂

  3. zebakoliJan 10, 2012

    How beautiful!

  4. kakurine039Jan 10, 2012

    Is it bad that im more fascinated by the video/fx than the song itself? XD

  5. XxTreetailxXJan 10, 2012

    This is really an awesome beat! I would like to know if I could put it in my next speedpaint? I’ll give credit to you for the song, but if not then I’ll find something else. Still an awesome beat! please do reply.

  6. kobebeef415Jan 10, 2012

    @YoBoHoMusic wow i loved it i was wonderin if i could use this beat

  7. WOAHFOXJan 10, 2012

    @Kuszh I’m about 90% sure.

  8. KuszhJan 10, 2012

    Is this FL?

  9. PlatinumCRuXJan 10, 2012

    @TripxWire32 It’s amazing when you time it right x)

  10. meee2014Jan 10, 2012

    is there somewhere where i v=can download this track or do i just have to install orbit and grab it off youtube

  11. JohnnyMejiaTvJan 10, 2012

    Where can I download this? I want it!

  12. ParadoxCardsJan 11, 2012

    @TripxWire32 I love you.

  13. ParadoxCardsJan 11, 2012

    I might be obsessed with this song.

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