Sleep Treatment

Sleep Treatment

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  1. i get about 4-5 hours sleep everynight for the past 6month, but tonight i havnt slept at all, its doing my head in :L

  2. This new 100% all natural product by the name of Nectr Calm is getting excellent results for all kinds of people. It comes in a 2,5oz bottle that you drink 20 minutes before you go to bed. It is an amazing product thst you might want to try.

  3. this has been the absolute WORSE week ever. at MAX ive gotten 4 hours of sleep per night. not able to got to sleep till after 4am and waking up at like 8am. i try again in the evenings but like today im up looking for cures on youtube……
    one thing i do see in common with the comments below me is that we all only get up to 4 hrs of sleep per night. if that much at all. ugh.
    Im tired. i have a headache and to top it off i have a cold w/ a sore throat & fever. -_- im not happy

  4. i do this but it is due to depression. what do we do..someone would have to hit me in the head and cause a coma to put me out.

  5. cure for insomnia…
    1st trust yourself.. remember in any problem theirs an annswer
    2nd consult a doctor….
    3rd dont think negative
    4th trust in god.. every time you sleep… just say “jesus christ have mercy on me” repeat billion times…

  6. I was like that in the hospital and right now I’m in another time zone 7pm-3am about to go make a quick hustle at the casino …

  7. @miley929 There are many things that can help, i’m trying sleep hypnosis videos on youtube to help me, they dont always work, the longer ones are better there is also delta freqency and white noise to help sleep, also ear plugs might help block out noise, but the sleep rduction thing in this video sounds like a good idea.

  8. This happens to me almost everyday of the week and I have to wake up early for school so I am completely drained in the morning.

  9. i need some method to help my mum she hvnt slept for 2 weeks if she can sleep she could only sleep for 2-4 hours a day this sleeping disorder is affecting her life and her health plz everyone who read this help if u could im not ready to lose her yet so pls everyone help ii will do everything to make her healthy

  10. 4hrs a night! lucky lol this week ive had on average 2 1/2 to 3!! its day 6 and ive slept only 12hrs..

  11. once I had an obsessive compulsive brain pathway form in my hypothalamus. This caused severe insomnia and anxiety attacks.

  12. @wozzab1234 Im just glad if you find something that works. Try watching a playlist like this and see how it makes you feel


  13. @wozzab1234 Im just glad if you find something that works. Try watching a playlist like this and see how it makes you feel

    youtube. c o m /watch?v=xfQf_Fts-_k&feature=BFa&list=PL20B1C80189DA66C9&lf=results_main

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