Don’t most religions focus on death rather than life? Why?

Question by shahbarak: Don’t most religions focus on death rather than life? Why?
The Greeks focused on life. Their art celebrated perfectibility, on Earth. Egyptians made art of daily life, but like the Judaic religions that grew from them (including especially Christianity and Islam), focus on death, and fear of it. Consider the shared emphasis on an after-life – and the Christian icons of a crucified Christ, frailty and bodily decay, Saintly martyrs etc. Isn’t it all rather glum and gruesome? Is that why the religious treat Earthly things with such destructive contempt? And utilitarianism, in contrast with protestations of “spirituality”.

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Answer by Kezia D
because that’s what some people fear

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  1. People waste their lives wondering about death and then they die never to be alive again.

    Kind of sad if you think about it. Life is a gift of nature. People should enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. Because they fear it. They need to pretend that they go to some heaven, because they don’t like the fact that they will soon rot in the ground.

  3. Because it’s a great way to control people

    And that is why religions like Christianity and Islam are still around.

    People fear death and they exploit that.

  4. Because death is a mystery that cannot be solved. Therefore people turned to religion to answer their problems. Also, no sane person wants to die so it makes perfect blackmail leverage.

  5. well it makes sense for religion to have an explanation of what happens in death, and then to have some remedy for it. think that back thousands of years ago, people barely lived to be 40! think of how scary it must have been to live back then knowing you had so little time on this planet? so they created their religions that explained away death and have hope for hte future, through a “heaven” or another chance on earth ( reincarnation )

  6. As a Christian, I can say that we are not taught to fear death. We accept the earthly death in order to receive the eternal life. We believe we are in Christ which means we will never die spiritually. We talk about the process because the physical death is so permanent and telling other about Christ is of utmost importance so that all may experience this spiritual life.

    I do not believe any Christian should be destructive in any way. God created all things.

  7. We are on this earth for a short time and eternity forever. Where will we spend eternity should be our foremost thought.

  8. Because we all know about living we do not know about death.By making death an issue the religions hope to convert at least some of us.

  9. You don’t seem very well informed, at least on Christianity

    “and the Christian icons of a crucified Christ, frailty and bodily decay”
    Not al all! You must have missed the point that Jesus conquered death because He raised from the dead!
    Besides, He came to give us life, and to give it more abundantly – that says a lot!

  10. I focus on Eternal Life, Christians to not focus on death. But, the fact of our belief is that because we believe we will have eternal life.


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