60 full minutes of a deep and calm meditation trip

60 full minutes of a deep and calm meditation trip

The healing provided by the album can be such a sensual and releasing experience, offering not only a great sound, but a smooth and transitional state of meditation that cannot be purchased from a therapist or any type of commercial meditation techniques. At the same time, there is another new album from Gulan, titled “Zeroness”. This is a one track album offering a full hour, 60 full minutes, of a deep and calm meditation trip that is very deep, wavy, and relaxing in every sense. From your head to your toes, you will feel the relaxation consume you, with ambient music to take you on a trip that isn’t provided through any other means. With Gulan at the reigns, however, you can relax yourself with new albums of electronica, healing music, ambient, or whatever it is that you wish to classify it as. This is a type of music with no specific genre, offering a unique and uncontained background music to any meditation session that you wish to indulge in. ————————— Music by Gulan Album: Zeroness Track: Zeroness www.gulanmusic.com ————————– DOWNLOAD at itunes.apple.com or www.cdbaby.com or www.amazon.com ———————————– “meditation music” relaxation calm deep gulan zeroness meditation healing astral yoga oobe energy consciousness

  1. intotheavantgardeJan 17, 2012

    Man was that a trip! When I was meditating to that music, my hands and head were starting to shake; almost like my spirit was about to be released. Didn’t get through the full video yet, but will again soon to explore more of my consciousness. Thanks!

  2. DimitrixA1Jan 17, 2012

    where did you get the music?????? I Love it!!!

  3. jetus2012Jan 17, 2012

    Kah meh! Haaaa meh!…

  4. moparcarsonlyJan 17, 2012

    and you will never hate again, peace.

  5. novoneiroJan 17, 2012

    My energy has been activated!

  6. timreeves1000Jan 17, 2012


  7. MrMac95000Jan 17, 2012

    This… is so good stuff…

  8. FadingbeatJan 17, 2012

    this helped me to go sooo sooooooo deep <33

  9. MakaveliiTheDonJan 17, 2012

    Love the music.

  10. 4zhoJan 17, 2012

    Avatar state, yip yip!

    Haha, I’m sorry, I’m awful. Seriously though, amazing music.

  11. MrTeejaysinghJan 17, 2012

    whoever uploaded this, you have just changed me!!!!! thank you so much!!!

  12. EuroquebJan 17, 2012

    Go Chakras Go !

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