16 thoughts on “Breathing, Meditation, and Sun Salutaion A by Paul Tassopulos

  1. you have a beautiful channel compliments and i hope that you visit my…..greetings


  2. Maravillosa música al comienzo, estuve en India ahora en febrero y me transporta!!! Por favor el nombre de la musica

  3. If only everyone in the hole world would meditate… the world would be a much better place.

  4. è molto bello e ben fatto io lo metto quando faccio yoga .la musica e il canto indiano sono molto belli. grazie per aver caricato il video

  5. Thank you for posting that… I fell much better after doing this exercises. They are really relaxing and the music is great too. Greetings from Romania:)

  6. ill tell you what if you are a gamer listen to this stuff and it will chill you out calm you down and make you do better no lie its a good way to be better at every thing… i didnt do what the video said to do but i like the music and thank you for it

  7. Hey Paul, I’d like to encourage you to post another yoga video! You have a great relaxed vibe about your explanations, and it makes this video stand head and shoulders above all the others posted on youtube. I’d love to see more from you. Cheers for this!

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