Yoga Swami’s Om: Hear Your Inner Song – Chanting Om Authentic Himalayan yoga Swami, Swami Sundaranand enlightens viewers on how chanting om, the inner music and sound, your yoga Om or an aum yoga mantra can transform your life. From the film “Personal Time with Swami-ji” Shot in the Indian Himalyas. Yoga meditation explained for advanced yoga practitioners and beginners.
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18 thoughts on “Yoga Swami’s Om: Hear Your Inner Song – Chanting Om

  1. — keep in mind is “Correct Rythm like how that rishi is singing with particular stresses of words of each Mantra is so important”

  2. Especially takes us to the inner depth. These days whenever i perform OM mantra im able to see it clearly. As well, we need understand one more thing – Sanksrit Mantras chant with particular rythmes of each mantra makes our tongue touches in different parts of mouth which activates different glands of a body. that is the reason for everything in ayurveda also we have some mantras along with medicine!
    More important thing we need to keep in mind is

  3. I really appreciate you all people commenting on this video. I too have the same good feelings like you on this video. i wanted to add a thing along with CT2507 comment. He is right that a particular rythm is more important.
    As per knowledge, practice and research into texts, facts and my inner – it is found that Every Mantra had been designed by our Ancestor Rishi’s constitute of a particular rythm which makes vibrations in the body and generates power of all parts and

  4. Yes, I agree with CT2507 comments of the subtitles. It must be tough to transcribe this footage but I believe he is saying through the eyes not ‘true’ and scent not ‘saint’. Also I think the scent he is referring to is the astral body scent which smells a little like sandlewood to the physical nose.

  5. He is a very innocent and truthful yogi difficult to find.. he is explaining his experience not many yogi do that for free with that innocence and many of them are fake putting a cover of cleverness and having little knowledge… I bow to this man….for being so genuine and true

  6. Thank you for posting this Video. This man is a beautiful human and a total inspiration. I would like to know what mantras he is saying so that I too may meditate on them with an open heart and soul. Please provide moreinfo on the techniques he is using…thank you forever!

  7. thank u baba, my respects to you.
    i am sorry for this guy you explain all this for free, he is selling your words, but us we know, it´s time for kali yuga.
    thanks again, and like that guy posted, i also would like to be your friend.

  8. My understanding is that any sacred mantra or prayer sung meaningfully from the depth of your own soul is the ‘song’ which will be felt throughout your body – also it will be magnified when it is sung alone (without distraction) and in connection with the sounds of nature.

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