Vinegar, baking soda key ingredients in cleaning green

Vinegar, baking soda key ingredients in cleaning green
"What you can do with just those two products is amazing." The extension has a list of non-toxic ingredients that can be used for homemade cleaning products. Most, except borax and soap, are edible. Neubauer is often asked if they kill germs as …
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Spring Cleaning: Homemade Cleaning Solutions
It's surprisingly simple to concoct your own cleaning supplies from inexpensive household staples. Not only are homemade cleaning products cost effective, the DIY-versions lack many of the harsh chemicals and toxic pollutants sometimes found in store …
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Residents make cleaning products in time for spring
Nearby, homemade liquid hand soap warmed in a stoneware pot, and bottles of lemon grass, grapefruit, lavender and peppermint essential oils lined a counter. "When it comes to natural cleaning products, a lot of people take a bottle that has baking soda …
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Ask Eartha: Pitfalls of household cleaning products
Do you have any advice on what chemicals to avoid when buying cleaning products? —Caroline, Frisco It's sunny, it's gorgeous, and it's time to open the windows and clean house. Longer days and a taste of spring fever are usually enough to pull me out …
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