How do I give a guy “tips” in bed?

Question by Teganoid: How do I give a guy “tips” in bed?
I’m not in a relationship with this guy, but I have never been with a guy younger than me. We are just having fun, but I wanted to know if there is a playful way that I can say “I would love to teach you a few things. ;)” without it sounding like “You’re bad in bed, and I would like to fix that.” *sigh* I’ve already had 2 guys say that’s impossible, but is it?

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Answer by girl.with.a.plan.
Say it with a smirk on your face so he thinks to himself that its sexy not an insult

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  1. no, just tell him what u want him to do while your doing it…. guys tend to like it when the lady is more aggressive in bed.

  2. Not its not impossible. Just have a talk with him about what you like. Tell him you like it like…that. Its ok, he will thank you for it. Be honest and tender.

  3. Babe just move onnn! Who cares if he’s not the world’s greatest lover? You’re not stuck with him so find someone who’s better. It was fun while it lasted, but you’ve got bigger and better things to move on to (hehe).

  4. tell him to man and stop having an orgasm as soon as he touches your vagina or sees your gash

  5. I would be grateful if my partner told me what she want me to do. This way gets rid of any awkwardness that I am only trying to please myself. It always helps to learn more. This can increase the bond and pleasure for both partners.
    btw you shouldn’t have sex unless it is serious. People might start calling you a slut.

  6. It’s not impossible. Telling each other what you want and desire and like is part of having great sex. When you are having sex tell him you want to try something and tell him what to do. When he sees that it is driving you wet and wild he won’t mind at all. I go through this with every girl I sleep with.

  7. Don’t tell him. It’s better you take control slowly, making most of the moves but give some slack and let him make the move too. He will learn it automaticly.

  8. when you want him to do something try saying “I really like it when you ___.”

    or if you want a new position “You know I heard about this new position I thought we could try it.”

    If he’s into kinky and you like being spanked “Oh yeah I’ve been bad spank my naughty ass…”

    you don’t have to come right out and say hes bad in bed or even let him know you think that just redirect him give him tips on what you like or what you want to try. I am pretty sure he’ll be willing.

  9. I know this sounds weird but I’m with a guy now who is ten years older then me and I actually had tried things that he hadn’t and did knew how to do things a little better then him(only a couple though lol) so when I wanted to get him to do the things he hadn’t tried I was biting his nipples and said it kind of with a laugh and a growl if you know what I’m talking about and he loved it and was completely for the idea

  10. I do that with my gf all the time We talk about it on the phone late at night all the time and in bed I ask do u like this? wat does this feel like ? Stuff like dat and the truth comes out only to improve

  11. Just tell him. Tell him in the middle of you guys fooling around. If he does something that excites you then tell him to keep doing that. If you want to try doing this position or this kiss or whatever then just take control and tell him that and do it. But don’t be so forward with him about everything that he feels like he can’t do anything. Let him know that you enjoy what he is doing (especially when you’ve told him to do it) by expressing it so he gets the message, then he’ll begin to think it was his idea in the first place and everybody wins.

  12. It always helps when a girl dictates what she wants, like “harder” or “down” or something like that. Remember, we’ve never had that kind of plumbing, and everyone we’ve been with is slightly different. So you’re not the same as the last one, so you need to communicate a little…

    Make sure you wear condoms! Especially if you’re “not in a relationship”.

    Why would it be impossible? Guys can learn.

    Remember that positive reinforcement is much more effective than being a drill sergeant.

  13. He will feel inadequate if you just flat out tell him I don’t like this, your doing this wrong. That will definitely turn his hard on softer than pizza dough. Just tell him lets try something different or do me this way, if you know what I mean. Believe me telling a guy that will work. There’s not a chance in hell that we will say no.

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