What is the KEY to making you happy in a relationship?

What is the KEY to making you happy in a relationship?

Question by : What is the KEY to making you happy in a relationship?
Time to list the “Do’s & Don’ts” for your sign.

Everybody requires different things from their partner to keep them happy. I want “tips” on how to keep each sign happy, and also the things that absolutely drive them crazy or hurt them, etc.

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Answer by lourdes r
a fair harmony in all we both say and do, with the presence of GOD

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  1. rainbow butterflyMay 01, 2012

    Know thyself.

  2. PJJMay 01, 2012

    Listen to each other, be honest, loyal,trust each other,Don’t belittle each other,Except each others faults, say nice things to each other,if one comes home from work or school grumpy just listen with your mouth shut (that is a biggy, if you are living together share the house work. Spoil each other from time to time.Just love each other warts and all. Pay each other compliments.Don’t run to friends or family with material or relationship problems try to sought them out between each other

  3. Living Legends. Still Rockin On!May 01, 2012

    She is a natural woman!

  4. Tattoosformyvalentine.May 01, 2012

    i know nothing about signs. why am i even here?

  5. Inspired 09May 01, 2012

    I’m an Aries…

    1. Give lots of attention and affection, it’s an ego boost for us
    2. Be supportive, protective, and honest.
    3. Be caring and understanding
    4. Be trusting…we tend to flirt…a lot. Some of us have a wandering eye.
    5. Be good in the bedroom…very important to many of us.

    1. Be overprotective…We’re too independent for that and we WILL leave
    2. Be jealous…A little jealousy is cute, but too much is NOT okay
    3. Don’t be BORING…we get bored VERY easily
    4. Don’t be insulting…our egos are easily bruised sometimes
    5. Don’t ignore, disappear, or act uninterested…(It’s that ego thing again)

  6. LaLa NMay 01, 2012

    Affectionate, I like to be held, I love to kiss, show your love for me not just through talk though I do love to be text, call me in the morning, call me at night and in between not only is it considerate but I like to know he’s thinking of me.
    Loyalty is big for me, if we’re gonna be together I won’t be out with another man, he won’t catch me lying, and I won’t deceive him in anyway so I expect the same.
    Sense of humor – this here is not optional. I must have a man with a sense of humor, making me laugh and able to find humor in awkward situations and just in general.
    Notice me- notice when I change my hair, put on a new sexy outfit or something that compliments me, and compliment me like you did when you first met me.
    Take me out – Take me out and act like you’re proud to have me on your arm. It can be a restaurant, the beach, the movies.
    Remember – Special days and times, or even little things I said. That can mean a lot.
    Help me out-If you see me struggling with bags, pick some up, fix something thats broken, if i’m cold let me have your coat,jacket just show me you care enough to do something.
    Stand me up, if you can’t make it then just call and say so.
    Lie to me, it only makes me question everything else you’ve said or done.
    Cheat on me, cause I’ll find out and depending on how I feel either get revenge, or dawg the man out until he can’t take it anymore.
    Criticize me. I get enough of that from the rest of the world, if I get it let it be constructive and not personal.
    Put your friends over me, or make me compete with them for your time. If I mean something to you act like it. he will have time with his friends, but what else is out there after 12? You don’t need to be going to the club if you got a girl.
    Compare me to other females and what they got or don’t got. Remember chances are high you’re the one who approached me.
    Be lazy- if there’s something you want go get it.. anybody can be anything they want and do anything they want yes it takes time but he will get their with strategy and time.

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