What is the ego eckhart tolle speaks of?

What is the ego eckhart tolle speaks of?

Question by Isaac M: What is the ego eckhart tolle speaks of?
I have a feeling eckhart tolle and these spiritual teachers aren’t talking about the ego we all know and love. I think he’s using the word ego to talk about something else, like he’s using it for a completely different meaning, such as something that isn’t quite right in the mind. He also says that thought is ego and thinking is the source of ego. Which ego is he talking about?

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Answer by Xen
This ‘ego’ is the negative cluster of aspects of the personality. To live, to look around you and interact, yes you are a point of view, but to view it in the manner of ‘what can I get from this’ is to ignore the wonder of human existence and slip into a sociopathic predatory mindset. This ‘ego’, is rather like letting an undisciplined pit bull lose in a supermarket

It is the sociopathic qualities that must be balanced within the individual. These are still needed for a person to be whole and complete. We take life for granted, but that we are here is miraculous. That we missed the bus this morning, that our lover is ignoring us at the moment, that I just banged my knee are distractions.

What is that sound – there, that one? Behind the noise and hanging in the air. The sound of silence. Stop talking to yourself, labeling things, counting things, just for a minute; just one; there.

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  1. v_dubman2005May 26, 2012

    The ego Eckhart is talking about is the unobserved mind. It’s what makes decisions for you based on your past experiences and conditioning. It is the part of you that needs to win every argument because loosing the argument will make you feel less of a person where in fact loosing need not affect you at all.

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