Calendula Healing Herb (Marigold) – Nature’s Answer to Savlon and More!

Calendula Healing Herb (Marigold) – Nature’s Answer to Savlon and More!

The first of my ‘actual’ herbal remedy videos. Today we’re looking at Calendula, better known as the Marigold, which is one of Mother Nature’s best healers. LINKS TO THE PREPARATION VIDEOS: How To Make A Herbal Infusion – Herbalism Basics 1 How To Make A Decoction…

  1. SunlightphilMay 31, 2012

    Awesome Thank YOU ~:)

  2. d0llie123May 31, 2012

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  3. rickvanmanMay 31, 2012

    Interesting idea. I’m not sure yet, but it might be worthy of some experimentation.

  4. JunsuiGacktMay 31, 2012

    hi.I have marigold face/body cream and marigold oil. Marigold cream heals my skin a lot but slowly .I wonder if I could use marigold oil a some sort of face mask.Would it work? and how do I correctly use that oil?

    Oh,and it’s wonderful to have a herbalist on youtube. <3

  5. bben95May 31, 2012

    it was a good suggestion though wasn’t it??? I’m sure it will help many people not just me 🙂

  6. rickvanmanMay 31, 2012

    I ordered 500g and the bag was enormous! – should last you a while then :o)

  7. slanesteveMay 31, 2012

    1 pound of calendula oficianalis has been ordered. 🙂
    It was relatively cheap on ebay. I think one pound is plenty and should last me a long while.

  8. ThecoldwaterfallMay 31, 2012

    Great vid Rick!
    Have you looked in to kefir also? Its a fermented milk product they also have water kefir way better then Yogurt. Healing with food 😉

  9. rickvanmanMay 31, 2012

    I talk about that from 3:30 :o)

  10. rickvanmanMay 31, 2012

    Cheers Brian, glad you liked it. yep, I’m giving the beard 1 month, then it’s probably going!

  11. westmids11May 31, 2012

    Very nice work rick came across brilliantly you can see you have done your research what a great start to your series 10 out of 10 mate can,t say enought brilliant oh and the beard is starting to show  .

  12. visualvirtueMay 31, 2012

    Calendula is good for helping to repair damaged digestive tract wall.

  13. rickvanmanMay 31, 2012

    All done – just for you :o)

  14. bben95May 31, 2012

    Hey it would be helpful if you could put the links in the description because otherwise we have to come back to this video, skip to the end and then click on the next video we wanna watch

  15. IezalelMay 31, 2012

    Hey, Rick, fantastic video! Loved every part of it. Very clear, very straight to the point but with a nice atmosphere. I’m looking forward to these videos, I’m learning so much! Thank you**

  16. mrh6976May 31, 2012

    What a great vid please keep them coming

  17. BehindBenMay 31, 2012

    Beard ftw.

  18. whorlusMay 31, 2012


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