Shop your Farmers Local Farmers Market for Plant Starts and Rare Medicinal Herbs

Shop your Farmers Local Farmers Market for Plant Starts and Rare Medicinal Herbs

John from goes on a field trip to the San Rafael Sunday Farmers Market. In this episode you will learn about a San Francisco Bay Area souce for Rare and Exotic Medicinal Fresh Herb Plants so you can grow your own Herb Garden
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  1. sarahscott888Jun 06, 2012

    YES!!! I am so lucky I have a small farm right around the corner from me and I work on a small farm. GROW YOUR OWN NOW, before they take that right away : )

  2. MedicalCannabisSpainJun 06, 2012

    sweet! as always 😉

  3. cosmiceonJun 06, 2012

    coleus is a psychedelic, you shoulda bought it John!!!

  4. catfish222banjoJun 06, 2012

    “know your farmer, know your food!”

  5. LleanlleawrgJun 06, 2012

    @astu3 I’m pretty sure pea pods, chives, parsley, possibly basil, carrots, potatoes, various salads and so forth would grow nicely in your area. I’ve grown plenty of herbs and vegetables where I live, in Norway, which is fairly cold most of the year. Gotten fairly decent yields which taste good too. Long term I’d plant some trees if I were you. plum, cherry, pear and apple trees should do very well.

  6. vida130Jun 06, 2012

    I need to go to the farmers market and check it out!

  7. nerdmom920Jun 06, 2012

    Totally agree. Went to the farmer’s market last weekend and picked up 4 Cardoon, and one bay leaf amongst other things. In Missouri it’s Sullivan’s Greenhouse. What I wouldn’t give for some motherwort though. I’ve had folks at garden centers look askance when I asked for certain herbs.

  8. EightOfCoinsJun 06, 2012

    WOW! I can only wish our farmer’s markets had this array of plants. In Oklahoma farmer’s markets consist of mounds of zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes & sweet corn in season. No plants, but lots of home made soaps & crafts.

  9. allotmentgirl100Jun 06, 2012

    Thanks! enjoy this video would of like you to went into more detail about the herb plant could you do a video part 2 just telling us more detail about the herb in the video??

  10. stymyeJun 06, 2012

    went to the farmers market today … and for tomatoes they had greenhouse tomatoes shipped in from out of state …as if we can’t grow tomatoes ….lol what a shame and waste

  11. TheVbird420Jun 06, 2012

    dude john your are internet phenomenon!

  12. Joelx415Jun 06, 2012

    John, which medicinal herb you would recommend for bay area type weather?

  13. mysciencenowJun 06, 2012

    our market has seperate building for plants

  14. Vladivostok41Jun 06, 2012

    AHHHHH!!!! I have been looking everywhere in my area for San Pedro cactus! That’s awesome lol

  15. patboardmanJun 06, 2012

    Thanks for the info. Love your videos!

  16. lotusblossomedJun 06, 2012

    Awesome vid…almost makes me miss Cali…but not quite :0)

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