The New Age Spiritual Evolution

The New Age Spiritual Evolution

English is my 4° language, i’m not native and i’m just a human being that can make mistakes.. God for me represents the existence of the divine life, GOD is UNIVERSE. But anyone here are able to explain GOD. I truly believe in the existence of spirits as I had many out of body experiences. I also believe that our world is changing for some reason. The meaning for New Age for me doesn’t means the same thing used in current time. To see with your third eYe is to understand what is our essence. The truth is outside, the enlightenment is a question of time. Fear must be defeat by Peace. All the Soundtracks were changed: Star Trek – Freedom Fighters, Gattaca – The Arrival and Sunshine – The surface of the sun. Video from the movie Contact.
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In these 4 videos. Information concerning what is going in the world right now, and why. About what you need to do to make it better. About the negative and positive. About you. Of whats going to happen on 21.12.2012, and beyond that date, about religion, demon,devil,fear. Many of your belief systems, governments, and much much more. People hold their negative emotions and thoughts to dearly, when you dont need to. FACEBOOK : YOUTUBE : .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. lessthandustJun 07, 2012

    the deepest way of love- to embrace the whole suffering humankind:
    “He who has the Holy Spirit in him, to however slight a degree, sorrows day and night for all mankind(with many tears). This heart is filled with pity for all God’s creatures, more especially for those who do not know God, or who resist Him and therefore are bound for the fire of torment. For them, more than for himself, he prays day and night, that all may repent and know the Lord.” Saint Silouan of holy MOUNT ATHOS

  2. drorganic50Jun 07, 2012

    The divided states

  3. Arminski2008Jun 07, 2012


  4. sasuke2545Jun 07, 2012

    Jesus is the ONLY way

  5. MrMaxTruthJun 07, 2012

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME.” John 4.16.

    Not Buddah , not Allah, not Krishna, not the light bearer (Lucifer) , NOT an alien, and certainly not some unknown enlightened being – ONLY Jesus Christ !

  6. 1Shatter1Jun 07, 2012

    Your right. God does not need to reproduce so he does not need sexual organs. Before humans there was no such thing as “gender.” God can create anything without using any organs.

  7. badboyyy777Jun 07, 2012

    Nice…effects and wording but Very hypocritical….
    If we are not slaves to the system… Why you have used the logos of the system…?

  8. pinealgland01Jun 07, 2012

    If you are interested in psychic power and altered states of consciousness check out my channel.

  9. fsdfmsbcxxJun 07, 2012

    Terrible, what becomes with the world, that recognize personal “spiritual” experience higher than the word of the god, the bible.
    And it was the same lie in the garden of eden, as the serpent deceived the man and said: “You will be like god.” (genesis 3,4)
    Like in the beginning with just two human beeings, so in the end the whole world is getting prepared for the same lie. They will follow visible delusions, because they trust their eyes more than the truth of god (genesis 3,6).

  10. Scara85Jun 07, 2012

    Tks a lot for the video I agree with you, we really are nothing compared with the greatness of our universe!! I love your video!

  11. TheVisiumJun 07, 2012

    GOD for me is Universe, I mean there’s no word here could describe GOD better than this one. I see God as one great inteligence or what we can call the Creator. We do have a very tiny part of this inteligence that comes from somewhere. I believe that our inteligence is the essence of our lifes, but inteligence was conceived very far away as I believe it comes from GOD.

  12. TheVisiumJun 07, 2012

    Just to clarify my point of view about this subject i will write few words.

    Yes I said “he” as I wanted to say it. First of all I don’t see GOD as a human being. God is not here as a human but we do believe in him/it as we think so for that there’s many diferents interpretations about what is GOD.

    I’m just aware that i’m ignorant in many things so what I have is only my point of view, I don’t want to impose anything to anyone. Each one has your own perception.

  13. onlyhaveaquestionJun 07, 2012

    All this fight about whether God is male or female… Seriously guys, God is everything we don’t understand, nothing we can see and beyond our Imagination …i mean u don’t believe that God has boobs or a penis do u?(sry to say it like this) And even if u do or if u only think of him as a woman or a man because u need to imaine him somehow… It’s not important whether u r right or wrong, God loves u no matter what…
    so this is the LAST thing we should fight about!!!!

  14. jlomjm67Jun 07, 2012

    you have a male human god.. alright then thats your god not mine… (:

  15. warrior4justJun 07, 2012

    wTF do u want us to say to him, she or it “as of created or trivial”, he is a he, and we know that if he was to have a charactgerisitc of human he would be a he. She is not a good power figure beyond human

  16. wiscokidddJun 07, 2012

    God = Guns Oil Drugs: A ZioNazi invention, call it nature and free your mind and sould from final judgement of extinction.

  17. TheCosmicArbiterJun 07, 2012

    This is great… Adding it to my playlist

  18. BrainwashedHumanityJun 07, 2012

    Your love for yourself is a basic necessity for your growth. Hence, I teach you to be selfish which is natural. All your religions have been teaching you to be altruistic. Sacrifice yourself for any idiotic idea: the flag — just a rotten piece of cloth. You sacrifice yourself to the nation — which is nothing but fantasy, because the earth is not divided anywhere into nations. It is the politicians’ cunningness, to divide the earth on the map.OSHO

  19. HonorfullJun 07, 2012

    Just some pathetic old men playing at running the World, but the world left them behind long ago, about 300 years to be exact.

  20. michii nievesJun 07, 2012

    why is the point of the illiminati anyway? no point <3

  21. BudvbJun 07, 2012

    Who do you think created demons, God, he started that to test us, it’s all part of the plan.

  22. truckstopcowboyJun 07, 2012

    The spiritual world is full of demons that want to help you fall from the grace of God.

  23. IDameaux9IJun 07, 2012

    this is great. what kind of music is this it would be great for meditation..

  24. low72Jun 07, 2012

    2:11 anyone else see the person?

  25. regardingme1Jun 07, 2012

    Sounds nice except the Father needs no symbols at all as It is All and encompasses All. These symbols are the external pieces that have been cut up from the All of creation. It is truly the illusion here, the interpretation of who we are here in the physical, and the problem is with desiring the use of these symbols in our lives it keeps us in the physical when we are spiritual. I hear you but just wanted to add that…1ove!

  26. Milky3272Jun 07, 2012

    I see faces through your Pictures of the Universe O.o
    , you basically telling us that you are apart of it

  27. STRGATE7Jun 07, 2012

    it might b a reference to the concept that the “good” god lucifer is of the same person as the “evil” god adonay, the alter ego of God.

  28. Gemeni3insaneJun 07, 2012

    is your last name rotten?

  29. xlatinoxprincexJun 07, 2012

    Did you set the background music to 528Hz (the frequency that heals your DNA)? Cause it sounds like it and I feel amazingly relaxed right now 🙂

  30. Mandems96Jun 07, 2012

    what does as is above so is below actually mean ?

  31. OzzyPatriotJun 07, 2012

    Takes a huge toat on Joint… Holds it… hoooolds it.


    Yes. Yes. It’s all so clear now!

  32. TheAngryarchangelJun 07, 2012

    because the universe and we are bigger than me

  33. TheAngryarchangelJun 08, 2012

    i feel like you are trying to justify a new world order.

  34. robrocksredJun 08, 2012

    i cant stand his accent….but thanks for the words of wisdom

  35. hotpeppasJun 08, 2012

    Nonsense…….the world is not ending and time to move away from all the ‘illuminati’ rubbish…empower yourself and others by giving no energy to this old fear based new age paradigm. Have faith in a higher vibration and stop trolling around in these low frequencies. Study world cycles and look up the Kali Yuga for example…….educate yourself and remember who you are…….rise above the lower astrals and become empowered!
    Check out Santos Bonacci for a start. Man know thyself…..

  36. RndmMexicanJun 08, 2012

    Opt Out

  37. spikeboy326Jun 08, 2012

    Hey chemlin. What do you think of the New World Order? What will you do when you are forced to be microchipped with a RFID?


  38. EndTheResistanceJun 08, 2012

    What your talking about chemlin is the act of letting go. Letting others do the task of building our future. Yes, someone else will do it. But I honestly believe that it is up to us, the awoken ones, to actually wake others. Discouraging the awoken ones to feel the lower vibrations is actually telling them to “go blind”. In order to fix the problems we must feel the vibrations and work through them. First by lowering ourselves to the vibration and then rising the vibration with our spirit.

  39. chemlinJun 08, 2012

    : Your welcome 🙂 <3 LOVE <3

  40. BudvbJun 08, 2012


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