Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies : How to Cure a Sinus Infection

Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies : How to Cure a Sinus Infection

Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies : How to Cure a Sinus Infection

Cure a sinus infection by adding apple cider vinegar or lavender to steam, clearing the sinuses with ginger tea and cayenne pepper, and taking eyebright herbs or golden seal. Visit a qualified herbalist or medical professional to help cure a sinus infection with advice from a practicing herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.
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  1. Jeanmarie63126Jun 08, 2012

    OK, I just went and did this. I suffer SO much from sinus problems. Wow, I feel better, now how long with this last and how often should I do it? Thanks!

  2. ahmedslem10Jun 08, 2012

    good site

  3. DougieBarclayJun 08, 2012


  4. moviejackerJun 08, 2012

    Should I make Chicken and Sensemelia Soup. Would this be better than chicken alone?

  5. ensolielJun 08, 2012

    thanks so much for these tips. I will try the tea. By the way, you have a lovely speaking voice for these videos. It’s very soothing.

  6. c8uyJun 08, 2012

    can u use regular vinager

  7. MedusasKimonoJun 08, 2012

    this chick is the bomb ty!

  8. IDoggyOwnsJun 08, 2012

    if you have a facebook talk to my mom about she isnt a doctor or anything she helped me for the most part =] shes smart …. her name on face book is marcie schlyer

  9. IDoggyOwnsJun 08, 2012

    fleta make sure most of every where you are is clean … it help coz my whole family has sinus infections my mom has it worse like me you should talk to here about it … find her on face book if you have one she is Marcie Schlyer

  10. IDoggyOwnsJun 08, 2012

    ive try most of that stuff ty for showing me some more to use

  11. cddorcas1Jun 08, 2012

    I notice the Organic ACV does work faster, but if you take the pills consistently(2 pills 3X a day) I am confident you will find some relief of symptoms. I take the pills when I am working and have no time for the tea, ACV in water is quite smelly and I don’t enjoy it so I only take it in tea with honey or in pill form. For me because my sinuses are a problem I take it daily and have yet to suffer a sinus infection since being on ACV. I also use Wild Oil Of Oregano when I need an extra kick.

  12. hacsince91Jun 08, 2012

    Thank you so much for your help/detailed input!
    I actually bought apple cider vin. a couple of months ago.. because I heard that it provided a good intestinal cleanse for getting gunk out of the system that otherwise would just hang on.
    so i do already have some! thank you..i will definitely try this. and i was at whole foods just a couple of days ago; saw the apple cider tablets. i was wondering if they work as well as drinking it straight from bottle?

  13. debtfreemodeJun 08, 2012

    I suffered for 30 years. I don’t spray anything into my nose , and finally gave up milk. That was hard. But with natural products and an over the counter medication not available in stores. I actually feel great. I had drainage for 30 years in my stomach.

  14. fleta85Jun 08, 2012

    hacsince91– I pour alittle tea tree oil into my neti pot but you could start with a couple drops and work your way up from there! It does sting alittle but works great. Also apple cider vinegar (raw unfiltered) is awesome! Drink daily and you won’t have any sinus problems and it cures a ton of other stuff including my eczema. As soon as I stop taking it daily it all comes back after a while.

  15. cddorcas1Jun 08, 2012

    If you are looking for some help with the stuff in your stomach, it will be killed by the acid in your stomach. It is horrible to have a flow of post nasal drip, but if you take the organic acv as I said you should be over the infection soon and not have to deal with them anymore if taken daily from here on. My wife cannot handle the taste, so for her she takes the capsules found at the health food store(The pure unfiltered acv is best though). I hope you feel better soon.

  16. cddorcas1Jun 08, 2012

    If you have problems with your sinuses regularly perhaps you should try taking Organic Apple Cider Vinegar daily. I have chronic sinusitis and take 2tsp-2tbs in lemon ginger tea with unpasteurized honey 3X daily. There are huge health benefits from taking organic acv daily, it helps with digestion, weight control, and congestion. Since taking it daily I have not needed my neti pot in about a year and very rarely feel ill at all(I used to suffer sinus infections multiple times a year).

  17. hacsince91Jun 08, 2012

    the nasty thing for me , is that antibiotics took the migraine away from the sinus infection; but now my head is just CONSTANTLY-24/7- draining TONS of mucus into my throat which i have to swallow into stomach! its horrible! and its not the thick /other kind from running or sports that u can just spit up!!
    it feels almost as htough it will keep going down back of throat whether i swallow it or not…can anyone help? its making my stomach SO sick/wont stop!

  18. hacsince91Jun 08, 2012

    hey there–how much tea tree oil did you use for the nasal-irrigation??
    & could i use it with a nettipot do u think? thank you!

  19. fleta85Jun 08, 2012

    OKay…so what actually helps me is nasal irrigation!!! I bought the syringe nasal irrigator and put a good amount of tea tree oil in it and irrigated with it and man I’ll tell you, that worked great!!! Got rid of my infection pretty fast. Also alternating with peroxide added to the water:) I haven’t had a sinus infection or a cold since. If you irrigate everyday you shouldn’t even get colds.Tthe syringe got glued or something after a while from the tea trea oil. I’m getting a neti pot next:)

  20. ggrizzleJun 08, 2012

    i am experiences the same thing right now you find a good home remedy?

  21. mrsblue82Jun 08, 2012

    lov that u are sharing this because convential meds just don’t work and causes many more problems, i started with using the eucalyptus and made an inhailer with it spraying it on my pillow and a piece of paper beside the bed, now i need to know what to do about the PND it is so horrible can’t stand the thick mucus on my tongue help

  22. fleta85Jun 08, 2012

    The steam didn’t seem to help a whole lot. How can I drain my sinuses??? I got so much pressure in my face and it’s not going away!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. fleta85Jun 08, 2012

    Thanx for the video!! I’ll try the steam with all that stuff in it, I got it all.
    I keep getting these horrible sinus infections, OFTEN!! I am sooo tired of them, I just wanna cry!!!
    I’ve used goldenseal tincture before and I think it helped a little but it never seems to go away all the way. How can I stop these infections from coming back???

  24. LegendaryCloud89Jun 08, 2012

    WOW!! This is in 7/8 for the main theme…haven’t heard that for an excellent jazz number in awhile!

  25. pdxjazzmanJun 08, 2012

    2:04- 2:20- is the absolute best 16 seconds of jazz that has been recorded thus far in 2010! Jimmy Haslip baby!

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