Storing and Cooking Wild Clover

Storing and Cooking Wild Clover

How to cook clover greens, make clover teas and medicines, and how to dry and story clover for later use.
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  1. janken919Jun 10, 2012

    Can you do the same with drying dandelions and how?

  2. lucius215Jun 10, 2012

    Now thats a real woman yall! id like to shake her daddy’s hand.

  3. AWMsTJun 10, 2012

    Great info but you should tie up that hair.

  4. shnrbtlle18Jun 10, 2012

    LOL, I figured as much. Also, Thank you for all the educational vids, I have learned a lot from you, very appreciated!!

  5. MayeuxMinistriesJun 10, 2012

    once or twice lol

  6. MayeuxMinistriesJun 10, 2012

    nope. Must be an imposter or secret twin. lol

  7. qartonJun 10, 2012

    Hey Miranda, are you traveling with your family by any chance? Particularly up north. I am pretty sure I saw you in Pennsylvania yesterday..

  8. TheCAHADAJun 10, 2012

    You could try tooth soap. You’ve gotta computer. Look it up.

  9. shnrbtlle18Jun 10, 2012

    Has anyone ever told you that you look allot like Mary Ingles from Litlle house on the praire?? just wondering. : )

  10. phrankus2009Jun 10, 2012

    I don’t know if it is the lighting or the video equipment but I am always totally dizzy by the end of your videos … Ky’s do not have the same effect, for some reason. ; j

  11. MayeuxMinistriesJun 10, 2012


  12. Twostones00Jun 10, 2012

    What state are you in? We don’t have many of the plants you enjoy in our part of the US.

  13. needtolooselotsJun 10, 2012

    will you marry me plz lol…we can have the wedding on some hiking trail overlooking a huge
    weed field lmao!!!

  14. Classicalguitarist22Jun 10, 2012

    You can also cook nettles like this. They taste like a mild spinach as well.

  15. MayeuxMinistriesJun 10, 2012

    it’s called “Red Clover” even though it’s really purple.. The “red Clover” is good for colds while the “white clover” is a mild sedative like chamomile.

  16. mogges1Jun 10, 2012

    Also what are the purple clove called

  17. mogges1Jun 10, 2012

    yeah i fell in love with this Gal over night..
    Now on the clover, could you send me the use of the different clover you are brewing in this video,I do not have wild clove growing around my place but I can buy the seeds.
    In my garden have lambsquarter and dandelions.Now I’m growing lavender.chamomile.

  18. MayeuxMinistriesJun 10, 2012

    Tom’s makes an organic toothpaste

  19. LTSamogitianLTJun 10, 2012

    Hi.i cant use tooth paste from shop,baking soda is harmful(if i’l use too often) could you recommend anything what i could use everyday?

  20. houseoffire72Jun 10, 2012

    The man that put that ring on your finger is a very lucky man to have a woman with such knowledge!!! Congrats girl, keep the great vids come’n!!!

  21. MayeuxMinistriesJun 10, 2012

    You can use the white clover in the same ways as the red. The white clover flowers have a mild sedative that will help you sleep much like camomile. 

  22. GOBRAGH2Jun 10, 2012

    Is there a huge difference between the red clover you described in the video vs the white flower with a green center surrounded by 3 to 5 leaf clovers?
    Its a small flower the size of a finger tip. Can you do anything with that flower because my yard is full of those.

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