part2.The Truth About Herbs and Healing

part2.The Truth About Herbs and Healing

Older video of Dr. Sebi at the Usha research Institute building on herbs and healing

  1. macrplusJun 20, 2012

    Why does he say its impossible to make a plant that is supportive of the body electrically?

  2. deobeonJun 20, 2012

    i’m sure if not afrika then we were definitely born of a “black woman” so in a sense, the location is irrelevant 🙂 lol

  3. xlReGaRdLeSslxJun 20, 2012

    No one know’s forsure where humanity came from. Some believe it also may have came from Asia also, so no one know’s only God.

  4. deobeonJun 20, 2012

    ok….so, i understand there are certain herbs that are hybrid, but my ONLY concern is, the hybrids herbs and plants that were made, were they in any form made because of the joining together of different races (not to be a radical racist speaker) but in ancient egypt where some of the hybriding took place, is where i’m kinda leaning towards with my theory due to the fact egypt was mixed with afrikan, arab, and greek…which still confuses me because humanity came from afrika

  5. younggprinceJun 20, 2012

    LIAR!!!! LolI i knew that you read books cuz theres no way you would have had knowledge about plants like that fool.I the other videos he kept saying “I dot read book”

  6. guyanesehustlaJun 20, 2012

    so why does it say on his nutritional guide under “all natural teas” that chamomile is one of them and then he’s on this video saying that it’s artificial…??

  7. samsonedwardsJun 20, 2012

    how can i get some healing herbs can you send me some howmuch i dont have much money but i will pay you

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