18 thoughts on “What is Homeopathy?

  1. @oscar516, I’m glad you brought up the BMJ, it saves me the effort. While you’re reviewing their information perhaps you should check out their other articles on Homeopathy:
    J Med Ethics 2010;36:130-131 doi:10.1136/jme.2009.034959
    Homeopathy is where the harm is: five unethical effects of funding unscientific ‘remedies’
    Or perhaps the meta-analysis of high quality studies by Professor Matthias Egger? Or Shang et al?
    Just because you don’t want to see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hmm?

  2. Ah, the Sheeple argument. Thanks, I’m well aware of that. I’ve also read a lot of the “research” on homeopathy. It’s interesting how you claim scientific evidence in low grade studies, but then make statements that “medical” research is flawed when it doesn’t match your view. And you claim we’re biased?
    If there was robust evidence to show it worked, I’d have to go with the evidence. The truth is, there isn’t and it doesn’t work.

  3. Thank you Paul. This video was just an experiment on creating video. A better ones will follow. Regards

  4. Scientific evidence listed at drnancymalik.wordpress. com /article/scientific-research-in-homeopathy/

  5. Well done Nancy 🙂 idiots abound & they are blind to the truth and reality. @murdocha if you want to look the evidence does exist. debunkers who deny the validity of homeopathy do a big discredit to skepticism. just because you do not want to see the truth doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. there is growing evidence that “medical” research is flawed and omits a large percentage of data (see report in BMJ). enter in to proper dialogue and gain more respect for your ideals and don’t be a sheep.

  6. Excellent! Nice to hear you spreading the word on how homeopathy promotes true health. The sick need to hear this too…remember the more sick they are the more likely they are to reject true healing, but eventually they will get there too.

  7. Hi Dr, Do not bother about the unhealthy criticism. When there is no scope for healthy words, we can expect only such comments from them.

    Keep it up.

    Jai Homeopathy.

  8. Apart from the fact that it is incredibly annoying to listen to, it’s interesting what is included, and what is excluded! No mention of the lack of robust scientific evidence given over 200 years of practise, and the nature of dilution and succussion that mysteriously is supposed to make the action stronger. Curious, isn’t it?

  9. Thank you Kaviraj ji. This is my first experiment with creating youtube videos.

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