How To Make A Decoction – Herbalism Basics 2

How To Make A Decoction - Herbalism Basics 2

Herbalism Basics 2 – How To Make A Decoction . This is one of a series of 6 YouTube videos explaining the basic principals of making various herbal preperations. These 6 videos are just for reference to compliment any home herbalism orientated videos I put up in the future. ___________________ herbalism guide, growing herbs, remedies, herbal remedies, food as medicine, medical herbs, herbal medications, edible flowers, herb guide, folk medicine, herb garden, home remedies, natural remedies, acne home remedies, remedies, herbal remedy, natural home remedies, online herbal remedies advice,

24 thoughts on “How To Make A Decoction – Herbalism Basics 2

  1. Hey Rick, love your videos ^_^ I do have a quick question, if it’s not to much trouble for you. Can you use a dry flower herb for the Decoction?

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  4. Loving your videos! Also, thank God for marble counter tops. We have that fake junk, so we cant put anything hot on it 🙁

  5. if you have please link me the video 🙂 i am really interested in herbalism

  6. There are many – I’ll have to do a video on it, hopefully very soon.

  7. Hello Rick, are there any books you would recommend on herbal preparations as to the use and dosages of the different herbs?

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  9. errr, hang on… there’s something wrong with this settlement but I can’t quite figure out where it’s going wrong. Maybe I should quit while I’m only a beer down, you’ll have to come here to get it though!

  10. not sure on that on – I think it will depend on what plant material you are working with, but making a decoction is so easy I wouldn’t think there was a need for it.

  11. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable calling you Sue, but if that’s what you want… Rick suits you much better in my opinion… BUT, I may have to insist on a full refund, perhaps we could settle out of court? lol

  12. … hang on… you said “You can mix in other herbs such as Lemon or Mint”…. huh? Isn’t a Lemon a fruit not a herb!?

  13. You could render videos into 720p in your editing software which would just stretch the 480p video. This is what I used to do with a non HD camera, and you get better audio and video quality on YouTube.

  14. I think you have got a bit wrong with all the herbs, they seem to have drained your face of all it’s colour lol.

    Intersting series, looking forward to more

    Also i chuckled everytime you said ‘Decoction’

  15. Hi Rick, great videos.
    Do you reckon that one could make up a batch of infusion or decoction and freeze it to keep it longer?

  16. depends what’s being used – some herbs taste eeewww, but others are nice.

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