Salt water treatment (Spiritual healing)

! More advice about spiritual healing at ! Salt water treatment is a simple but effective remedy to remove subtle black energy from one’s body. Learn why it is useful and how to perform it.
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12 thoughts on “Salt water treatment (Spiritual healing)

  1. Here in Morocco we do this, it’s included to our tradiions. But peaple of now, unfortunately don’t do it anymore.

  2. @ImSuchASpecialGirl
    The best is try and experience yourself 🙂 The full bath with salt is also good – in that case it is important to go out after 10 minutes max, otherwise negative energy that is soaked in salt water can again go back to us.

  3. Yes, you can use all these variations also – the principle is to use most natural salt as possible (rock sea salt), as processed salt looses a bit of it’s healing abilities. Apart from applying salt water which is a gross remedy, to have even more benefits – more subtle and powerful remedy is chanting and if you wish you can read more on SLASH chant.

  4. Can I use table salt , sea salt or epson salt to accomplish this? After all, salt is salt right?

  5. We recommend it at least once a day. If feeling increased distress at a physical or mental level, it can be done 2 or 3 times a day.

  6. Thank you for a great video guide on this. Can you please tell me how oftern would you recommend using this treatment?

  7. Oh my gosh – it must really work – look how black the bottom of her feet are @ 6:15 🙂

    Why just soak the feet? Would it not be better to soak the *entire* body in a bath of salts?

    Well, maybe this explains why I feel so much better after soaking in a bath of epsom salt (more-so than just a regular bath of ordinary water)!

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