Veganism vs New Age Spirituality

*************** ****************** “Recover from anything and start living in the top 1% of the healthiest people on the planet.” Veganism vs new age spirituality In this video Matthew shares his current sentiments about spirituality and veganism and how the two are interlinked. Everything is interconnected and so when we treat other individuals or animals badly, we are actually harming ourselves. Many people think of health in terms of “personal health” the health of their individual body rather than realising that they are connected to the whole. The health of our planet and other beings on it and living in harmony with nature is fundamental our our own well-being. veganism vs new age spirituality.
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20 thoughts on “Veganism vs New Age Spirituality

  1. Of course there is no similarity of your possitive position and the absurdity of causing harm. I try to learn, on my at present spiritual journey: What truth actually is. And if truth really exists or if it’s just created by your very own mind. But that would be slightly offtopic.

    I always wondered how ancient cultures could justify sacrifices of living beings. In my eyes, this would be the same as being catholic these days and blank out the genocides in its history…

    Thanks Mat for replying.

  2. No offense taken. The use of unnecessary force is just that. if you are minding your own business and someone walks up and punch’s you in the face for their own enjoyment, that is the use of unnecessary force. There is no programming there. It is also unnecessary force to kill and eat an animal. It’s violence and there is no sugar coating it with silly philosophies.

  3. This is not ment to be offensive: But your thoughts that you put in this video could also be programming. Therefore it is crucial to encourage people to think for themselves, what fits best for THEM and ONLY for them. Each and everyone their own, not adapting too much – rather working with self-experiencing new things – and just for one day trying to think 180°-different.

    It is super easy for me to let go off things or hang on to new things, I’m really greatful sometimes for this.

  4. Please keep up this critial thinking, questioning and encouraging to be mindful in every future video – it is so vital! It really feels like amplyfing my thoughts on the world, on humans, on religion, on eating when watching your personal input.

    Much appreciated.

  5. This is my hope. I need a farm. I want to help change the needy in my community to those which are prepared to give out of their bounty! That’s great that you have met this part (or whole) of your dreams!

  6. When you start becoming more self-sufficient, you will be healthier and you will be happier. There is a satisfaction that comes from raising your own food. I do that and supply a lot of friends and unemployed people from church some food too. I feel like I am helping my community. You will enjoy life more then. (not that you don’t enjoy it now)

  7. yes, I have an objective point of view. I am learning about the benifits of raw, (mostly veg and fruit diet) but I didn’t come in as a multi-generational farmer with American traditions or as organic, or vegan, or local.I came in willing to learn what is best overall and I see so much benifit in vegan. so my next goal (as to limit animal product consumption) is to work towards eating only that which I raise (eggs -meat) This should seriously cut me back as I am an urban quail farmer.

  8. I use to have a annual pass to SeaWord so I have seen a lot of dolphins! I have been thinking about your comment for a week now.It has really bothered me and I couldn’t figure out why until it finally came to me. Dolphins are not fish.They are mammals. I was wondering how you connected Dolphins with fish and humans. Mammals are a higher life force than fish.I am sure you just didn’t know that, but I am glad you see the difference in dolphins/sea mammals and say salmon for example. It’s not size.

  9. PETA people are the most hateful people I have ever run into from my personal experience. It is way more than killing animals. Being hateful to others because they think differently on a subject is just wrong. Whether you are vegan or meat eater, when we start thinking of other people in a better light, we can help the world heal from hatefulness and start getting along with others.

  10. I appreciate your testimony. It clearly helps one see that it is not about changing people, it is about loving them. Thanks for sharing your story. We can’t change people, they have to do that. We have to meet them where they are. So glad your relationship with your daughter is better now. Maturity can do that, it can help us see our relationships better.

  11. Have you ever seen dolphins in real life? And how they interact with humans? Wouldt you agree that the size of a fish shouldt metter?

  12. I love fruits and veggies but I destroy them in my masticating juicer before happily consuming them!

  13. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourselves. God gave us the animals For us to have dominion over and protect, just like a gift from your mother when you were a teenager, sure you wouldnt smash it and destroy it would you? you would look after it and protect it. Thou shall not kill also includes our animal friends, and let the berries of the tree be your food and the leaves be your medicine. we dont need meat to survive anymore. lets evolve into the light of God.

  14. The sea’s are currently being raped and much devastation caused through fishing. Fish now have high concentrations of mercury in their system so they are certainly not a healthy choice. I last caught a fish about 10 years ago when friends persuaded me to go fishing. I wanted to throw the fish back but the hook got caught down his throat and I ended up having to kill him. It made me feel quite sad and remorseful at my callous act. I don’t get this feeling when I pick fruit or pull veg. “Feeling”.

  15. My daughter has been vegan for some 15 years. While she preached at me about the fallacies of my non-vegan ways, I could not see how it had helped her. When she finally was able to love me unconditionally in the place I was at, which took a good 13 years, things changed. She no longer felt a need to tell me how I was wrong. She had the confidence in her own life to share her experience without requiring her listeners to agree. The truth of her life shown bright and clear. I saw the light.

  16. doesn’t she along with bill gates and other philanthropists fund eugenics operations spreading mercury filled vaccines around the world?

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