No ID—Children of New Earth!

No ID—Children of New Earth!

Letting Go!
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  1. bigace613Aug 08, 2012

    i would love to share my mind whit you brother how can i do so

  2. Kemetprince1Aug 08, 2012

    Thank you, much appreciated…Blessings!

  3. bigace613Aug 08, 2012

    all of your videos or very powerful but that one have me lost for words thank you blessing’s to you my brother

  4. love peaceAug 08, 2012

    Yay!!!!! Let’s dive deep into FREEDOME!!! 😀

  5. kimbadytvAug 08, 2012

    Thanks for this. I’m writing my second book on living from your authentic essence and this is very insightful.

  6. 6ViceroyBandito9Aug 08, 2012

    I got ID’d for Lempsip once

  7. Kemetprince1Aug 08, 2012

    Thank you, much appreciated…Blessings…

  8. holiehoodlum84Aug 08, 2012

    Thankh You King, I really Appreciate You Speaking on An Unspoken Truth of mine. I hadn’t ever been able to really explained it but You hit it all right on the head, and right on time. No ID, Continue to Grow and Network but Continue to Be Free. Thankhs Family and keep doing what you’re doing Brother.

  9. stashpot80Aug 08, 2012

    i was jus saying that i have a feeling as if i havent given up something that other ppl have. in one of many ways to put it, it feels like i am not an adult and what it takes to become one coincides with me giving up what other ppl have relinquished. to put it in your terms it feels like my id is who i am and others identify with a specific thing. if i say i am intellectual, something happens to show i am not. if i say i wasnt then something would happen to show how i underestimate myself

  10. Kemetprince1Aug 08, 2012

    Thank you, much appreciated! Blessings ~

  11. Kemetprince1Aug 08, 2012

    Thank you Beloved, Much Love ~

  12. Kemetprince1Aug 08, 2012

    Thank you, much appreciated ~ Peace & Blessings!

  13. Kemetprince1Aug 08, 2012

    Thank you, much appreciated…

  14. CapnCrunchyBallzAug 08, 2012

    THANK YOU! Keep at it brother every video I show of yours to my friends and family opens their minds more and more for this shift! PEACE

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