Our Life in Poetry: John Donne

Poetry course conducted by Michael Braziller with guest poet Maria Ponsot.
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This is the tenth of Donne’s nineteen Holy Sonnets. Taken from ‘Six Centuries of Verse’ (1984), episode six “Metaphysical and Devotional Poets 1590-1670”.

26 thoughts on “Our Life in Poetry: John Donne

  1. Let not the bands inspire you to enjoy the beauty of words, but that the authors of old give you wisdom instead.

  2. Stupenda lettura,bellissima voce. Non conoscevo questo attore,ma la sua maniera di leggere poesie è superiore a quelli che vengono di solito lodati, Gielguld o la ridicola voce chioccia di Richard Burton

  3. Thanks for this video! I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times in an effort to memorize the poem… it’s a great recitation.

  4. 10 months later there is someone.. to f***ing SECOND THAT!

    I have nothing intelligent to say by the way.

  5. umm in the song Follow the Reaper by Children of Bodom there’s an insert from this poem 😉 also Children of Bodom is my all time favorite band so i love this poem too

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