From Male Supermodel to Spiritual Healer Yogi Cameron Alborzian on The Today Show

From Male Supermodel to Spiritual Healer Yogi Cameron Alborzian on The Today Show

Yogi Cameron Alborzian was spotted by a modeling scout at a young age and became known as the first male supermodel working for many years with such greats as Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Valentino, Elton John and Madonna, and gracing the pages of almost every popular fashion magazine, as well as being the face of Versace, Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci and Armani. He eventually phased out of supermodeling to follow his spiritual calling. For the last twelve years, Cameron Alborzian has been studying Yoga and maintaining a strict yogic lifestyle. Yoga has a history of over 5000 years. The yogic lifestyle, which goes beyond just physical exercise, helps the individual to find a balance between mind and body, which in turn creates a better quality of life. Yoga helps individuals elevate to a higher form of thinking and being. Five years ago, Cameron also started practicing Ayurveda, the oldest natural medicine in use today with a history of 5000 years. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of healing that helps to cure the mind and body with herbs, oils, internal cleansings and daily routines that direct back to nature. Ayurveda is practiced on people individually according to their personal existence and state of mind. It enforces the notion that with healthy habits then we will have health. Cameron is certified to teach Yoga, Reflexology, Nutrition and Ayurveda. Reflexology and Marma is the form of treatment that helps to calm and heal the body through touch. Massaging all
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  1. Pranay BajekalAug 19, 2012

    Why would you give a shit if he is topless?? Aint that reason enough to shut the f*** up and just
    ogle at the hunk? Phew!

  2. MySensualWorldAug 19, 2012

    Isn’t he gay?

  3. bestofyoutodayAug 19, 2012

    Visit the Best of You Today’s website to view Yogi Cameron’s interview with us.

  4. orazzonAug 19, 2012

    you can also admire him on Madonna’s “express yourself”

  5. giugnhgbvinierngvb89Aug 19, 2012

    @zuckat hey that lady at 3:00 is so hot. why isnt she topless? that would attract so many people to yoga

  6. Lunatango1Aug 19, 2012

    – I agree with you ! Seems to be more like a SPA session than a spiritual one…

  7. Lunatango1Aug 19, 2012

    @zuckat – I agree with jetblaque, why is he topless ??  it really gives the impression he is trying to attract women to him in doing so, therefore, it does not give a good impression. It looks more like a SPA session than a spiritual one.

  8. TheOmerALKhyamAug 19, 2012

    he is so hot….

  9. jetblaqueAug 19, 2012

    Why is he topless?

  10. YMN1Aug 19, 2012

    oh and also i think kourosh sadegi is better looking than him and he is full persian

  11. YMN1Aug 19, 2012

    Shiro Amada – I am a Northwest Punjabi South Asian guy – and I think the same. A lot of Europeans want to think only Europeans are the hottest thing ever. They also think all Pakis are short, dark and black – although if you look at many like hrithik roshan that isn’t the case – yet they say they are mixed with white it is stupid. they are just haters

  12. xclusiveitAug 19, 2012

    Check out his new book yogicameron(DOT)com

  13. jimbob202019Aug 19, 2012

    your body digest vegetables alot faster then stake also stake rots in your body 🙂 while fruits and Vegetables when digested go stright into vitamins.

    So no he does not need a stake maybe your not used to seeing a person when their body fat is around 4%, since man has been on this planet he has been ripped through hard work infact”GAYS”started off in rome where the fat rich men would black mail ripped body slaves into sex.

    so fat has always = lazeyness,fat is stored energy

  14. ShareefllovekdjAug 19, 2012

    His face has gone hollow he could use a steak.

  15. dannyaishfulAug 19, 2012

    He is having that rare glow on his face which does not come by any make up.
    I t comes by real spiritual practices only.
    Take it from me.

  16. gogoutubeAug 19, 2012

    but they’re so old and plain.

  17. leddedzephedAug 19, 2012

    He’s def f***ing all those chicks

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