Dr. Lippman, MD: The Best Natural Remedies For Your Medicine Cabinet

www.thenaturalguide.com (Video by Larry Cook) Natural remedies found in health food stores help the body heal faster, while over-the-counter drugs found in conventional stores only manage symptoms. Why just treat the symptoms with drugs when you can help your body heal faster—or even prevent sickness—by using natural remedies? But, you ask, which remedies should you have on hand at all times? Dr. Cathie Lippman, MD, explains just that in this video • Arnica, a Homeopathic remedy, is for burns, bruises, cuts and trauma. • Rescue Remedy, a flower essence remedy, good for emotional trauma. • Oscillococcinum, a Homeopathic remedy for flu. • Herbal Remedies • Aloe Vera, for burns or skin injuries, and the gastrointestinal tract • Garlic, as an antibiotic – best used raw; also as a supplement • Calendula: natural antibiotic for skin to prevent infection • Elderberry, an herb that is anti-viral • Humacel – anti-viral supplement (it is a brand name) • ProBoost: A Thymic Protein for cell support to fight infection • Epsom Salts, which contain magnesium, for muscle soreness • Vitamin A: For viral illness • Vitamin C: Immune system builder, helps with infection healing • Vitamin D: Builds the immune system and helps with bone growth • Zinc: a mineral that supports the immune system • Probiotics: beneficial bacteria for the intestinal tract, and they build the immune system Learn more about natural remedies and supplements at www.thenaturalguide.com and www.thenaturalguide.com

8 thoughts on “Dr. Lippman, MD: The Best Natural Remedies For Your Medicine Cabinet

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  2. I really enjoyed this video, please think about doing more. The little stories that you tell or your own personal use really helps.

  3. Great advice, Dr. Lippman. I realize you were stating the minimum one should have on hand. Many people have never considered natural remedies. This is a wonderful introduction.

  4. Hi! This interview is very informative. What’s Dr. Day McKee’s full name? If one looks him up in the Harvard Faculty list, there is no Dr. Day McKee on the faculty list. It would really help eliminate doubts from the public audience watching the video if they can see that indeed, Dr. McKee is connected or has been with Harvard University. As soon as the video is forwarded to some friends, they come back with notes that they could not find Dr. Day McKee on the Harvard Faculty list. Thanks!

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