Healing Leukemia #9 ~ What I Do For Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck, Head, Jaw

Today I talk about what I do to get the lymph moving in my head and relieve swollen lymph nodes of neck, jaw, head, behind ears, and in hair line. Also, leave the castor oil pack on for a minimum of an hour, forgot to say that. Appreciate any help; I am not able to work right now. Donate Here: www.paypal.com I was diagnosed in April 2009 with CLL leukemia. I have chosen to heal and reverse this disease through natural methods. I have background experience in the medical field, working for 13 years in allergy & immunology. That foundation has helped me sort through all the information online in formulating my own healing plan and protocol. Several months ago I discovered Dr Morse’s youtube site and his philosophy was the piece of the puzzle I needed to bring success and structure to my self-treatments. Stay tuned for updates and information that I have learned. What has worked for me and what hasn’t. Please ask questions or share your information. Thank you for watching and have a Blessed & Beautiful Day!! Where I get my herbals: www.godsherbs.com www.naturessunshine.com Referral by Laura Wright #2127873 (use for a Nature’s Sunshine order) Facebook Healing Support Group; Fans of Dr Morse ND www.facebook.com Dr Robert Morse’s youtube channel: www.youtube.com
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11 thoughts on “Healing Leukemia #9 ~ What I Do For Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck, Head, Jaw

  1. Hahahaha, that’s pretty funny! Have you tried using the GI Broom? After I started taking it twice daily (and sometimes 3 or 4 x daily), my lymph started *really* moving.

  2. Check out Dr. Robert Morse, ND on YT (the Great Lymphatic System or Cancer: the raw truth). He also has a FB fan site (called ‘Fans of Dr. Robert Morse’) where people go to help one another. He has healed *loads* of people with cancer and other issues.

  3. Hi, Everyone has a whole bunch of lymph nodes all around the ears, neck, under the chin/jawline and back of head. When they are congested (with lymph) they will swell up from pea size up to golf ball or larger in more serious infections/illnesses.

  4. Hi, I’ve got sinusitis and is really congested all the time I have not been to see a doctor yet but I’ve gotten this ball like lump under my chin? It doesn’t hurt me or nothin but recently I’ve found another lump behind my ear that is like a pimple but under the skin. Is that due to been congested or something else?

  5. I love coconut oil eat it by the spoonful. Garlic honey and cinnamon good for parasites the say

  6. Thank you. My primary care doc is also trained in several Eastern healing methods and has told me much the same thing.

  7. are you also using affirmations.. ? As u probably know, there are also mental implications to dis-ease. Leukaemia is about the joy going out of life and brutally killing inspiration -so the affirmation that louise hay gives is
    ” i move past limitations into the freedom of the now. It is safe to be me”.
    great video.. will try the castor packs on the nodes, as i have the same swollen nodes from infection.

  8. Yes. I got the sauna as a christmas gift (end of yr clearance). So far healing crisises have been minimal to include just not feeling good, fuzzy mind, tired, increase in lymph node swelling, some aches, more nasal mucus drainage. Maybe I should do a vid about it, eh??

  9. r u in an infared sauna? Gotta be nice in the winter. Do u ever have healing crisises?

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