Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Liver & Gallbladder Cleanses

Cleanse the liver and gallbladder by using milk thistle supplements and schisandra berries. Both supplements will aid in the healthy function of the liver and gallbladder. Visit an herbalist for more information on cleansing the liver and gallbladder with advice from a wellness educator and herbal medicine specialist in this free video on alternative medicine.

34 thoughts on “Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Liver & Gallbladder Cleanses

  1. Hey There! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Gallstelax Remedy (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried home remedy called Gallstelax Remedy? I’ve heard many extraordinary things about it and my buddy completely cures his gallstones safely with this remedy.

  2. you are something else, i didnt know there were so many things thankyou for this wonderfull information

  3. You obviously know nothing about thyroids, which when they burn out, burn out for good. There is no possible way to “heal” a thyroid.

  4. Demonic effects? did you really write that? you have a very bizarre viewpoint. If you think you see the devil in your medication, then you need a psychiatrist. What, also, do you make of harvesting the poppy plant? Do you know where Oxycontin comes from? That’s natural too!

  5. “If the divine scientist that created us intended us to have surgery – he would have added zippers to the creation. ” NOW I get where you’re coming from. A hysterical religious fanatic. You’ve also, just argued, in favor of the opposite side. The notion that we are NOT created in the divine dictator’s image, and if we were, what a terrible and capricious job the so called “dear leader” (as I like to put it) has done.

  6. “Finally,” you have all of your work ahead of you, because all of the studies done to argue on your side for homeopathy have as of recent times, failed miserably. SO miserably, that sugar pills were found to be more effective than homeopathic remedies. In some cases, the placebo used in the experiment was water, and it did better than the homeopathic “remedy”. It’s all nonsense, and any success it has is from the sugar-pill phenomenon.

  7. Do you know how they dealt with people who had real medical problems thousands of years ago? it’s called natural selection. They died. Mostly from their teeth by the age of 20. It was only with real science that bacteria, parasites, and viruses were discovered. Prior to that, God’s might was to blame for mass incurable plague outbreaks, the bubonic plague comes to mind easily, where were the all mighty naturopaths who can cure anything at that point? In point of fact, they were nowhere.

  8. If you want to take it to ancient egypt, then you also have to acknowledge that cleopatra and many underneath her used belladonna alkaloids with extremely dangerous effects. Today, deadly night shade is used in medications like Donnatal, which is used for its anticholinergic effects to slow the smooth muscle in the gut. Would you consider deadly nightshade to be a synthetic substance? I can infer from your answers so far that you would say “yes.” What an entirely fatuous proposal.

  9. I’m glad that you feel that you can take credit for the supposed successes of people who you have never met that existed thousands of years ago. “naturopathic medicine has been around hundred of thousands of years.’ So have religion, hysteria, paranoia, hypocrisy, fraudulence, and manipulation. Doesn’t make any of the aforementioned things correct or true.

  10. I never claimed that drugs to not have so called side effects. Part 3 is useless, as are the prior 2.

  11. What would you like a gastroenterologist to do with a failed organ that cannot be “healed”? what would you want doctors to do with a life threatening parasite? could you heal a parasite? could you heal a virus? Your cult beliefs are extremely dangerous and directly detrimental to modern science and medicine. It’s good to know that you are not in any position of power to change the progress of science. Good day to you, and good luck in life, you definitely need it.

  12. Oh medicine is not a science? Biology and chemistry have nothing to do with medicine and aren’t key portions of medical knowledge? The development of a fetus, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and so on are not in the realm of science? Boy, I’ve heard it said. On youtube, of all places. My goodness. “No, I never had a vaccination. ” Then I dare say you have not gone to elementary school, you have not gone to middle school, high school, or college? I must say, it shows.

  13. They can not cure conditions? have you never stepped foot into a doctors office? have you never had a vaccination? you make a slew of fatuous worthless remarks defending quackery and pseudoscience

  14. Coffee grinder? That video just promoted to me, that I can try to use anything to grind my mix.

  15. Im happy with my $30 4 piece kief grinder, grinds perfect and I don’t mind turning it for my weed I’m not that lazy of a stoner. I

  16. suspect was found guilty with murder charges and the weapon appeared to be “the magic wang”

  17. theese wont cut dense buds you wil have to cut ur buds with scissors or a grinder first then use the electric grinder to grind it finer

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