Herbalism and Brewing Intro

Herbalism and Brewing Intro

This is part one of a more advanced series of home brewing videos focused on bridging the gap between brewing recreationally and for more useful purposes such as natural health, healing and medicine. Specifically in this video I demonstrate how to make a tincture, which is a liquid concentrate containing the medicinal properties of an herb. This concentration technique can be used both for medicinal purposes and simply for adding flavor to a brew. References mentioned in the video: My website: Simplehomebrewing.com Books Discussed in this video can be reviewed and purchased through amazon.com using this address astore.amazon.com Mountain Rose Herbs: www.mountainroseherbs.com Using the links above ensures a commission is paid to this project to help with future videos. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor a medical professional of any kind. My views and practices should not be taken as medical advice, nor is it intended to be. You are responsible for your own health and your own actions, not me. Consult your medical professional before starting any treatment. If your medical professional is adverse to natural healing then that is easily resolved. Find another one.
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  1. ACLogikelSep 16, 2012

    Awesome videos, subbed…

  2. kingrottySep 16, 2012

    LOVE THIS!! I’ve been looking for other people who Brew medicinal drinks and meads for along time! Please make more content on this topic I just subsribed. 🙂 I have my Reishi, Gotu Kola Honey mead bubbling next to me now

  3. glennmunro01Sep 16, 2012

    Yes its called steeping….and the beer you are referring to as medicine, is also still under brewing codes in Europe….and one is called Thebes, that we have used….it was also, used by the Spartans. Mulberry, Aloe, Cinnamon, Kanneh-Boseem…. Crate myrtle flowers. I drink it all the time, and it has helped me over come, panic attacks, and I have great concentration. The Bull Nettle grows in my yard…I eat it in my soup….

  4. Cheryl ReadSep 16, 2012

    suggestion: If you are going to talk about home brewing, stick to the subject. You are rambling way too much.

  5. barronredneckSep 16, 2012

    About geliton as a clairifier. I used 2 packages of KNOX of 3 for a batch of Choco Coffee or 2 out of a box of 3. The amount could vary deppending on your brews ingredients. Start with one pack diluted in simmering water and of course let this cool then add to your batch.

  6. marcjtdcSep 16, 2012

    You’re funny man. It took you 7 minutes to:
    Grind herbs
    put herbs in jar
    put alcohol in jar
    You could have made this entire vid in 5 minutes. 39 min is too long to hold an audience. you lost me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. OdenpiperSep 16, 2012

    You got an exellant idea!
    What if you made the beer you were talking about that lowers bloodpressure with Acai berry extract? Please get back to me if you can, I want to know if this would be a good flavor of beer as well as for good health,, troybond70
    at yahoo please?

  8. Hashishin13Sep 16, 2012

    You should make the original pilzner, henbane ale.

  9. lunarrnSep 16, 2012

    I’ve noticed the weight loss and I think it is great. Beer is good and herbal beer is better, but all beer has those pesky calories that like to sit around a man’s middle.

    People ask me why I run and I tell them I run to drink beer. Of course they think I am joking, but it’s true.

  10. merddyn2002Sep 16, 2012

    let me know how the wine turns out. it sounds interesting. Dandelion has some amazing tonic effects. I’ve been using it for years.

  11. merddyn2002Sep 16, 2012

    i’d heard of coffee as bitters but didn’t know you could use gelatin as a clarifier. What’s the procedure for that? I’d like to share it.

  12. merddyn2002Sep 16, 2012

    glad you enjoy the video man. There is def more detailed info to come.

    Thanks for the advice. You probably notice i’ve dropped quite bit of weight compared to my videos a few years back. I’ve discovered the ease of doing time on an exercise bike while watching TV. Awesome concept. Really digging it.

  13. lunarrnSep 16, 2012

    This is very interesting to me and I would like to see you take it to the level of using other plants besides hops to bitter the beer. I am experimenting with dandelion greens and wax myrtle as possibilities.

    Also, merddyn2002, I look forward to viewing tons of your future videos. So, don’t forget the best cure out there, exercise.

  14. barronredneckSep 16, 2012

    Oh, to let you know hopps in beer make you sleepy and hopps contain estrogen!!! Also let people in countrys that are not alowed to brew that some erbs can preserve your beer and tea or coffiee can be used as bitters and tannins. Regular un flavered gelatine can be used as a clarifier.CHEERS!

  15. JAllison32Sep 16, 2012

    I am thinking about making a batch of dandelion, or some other kinds of wine when I get all of the necessary materials. Lets say I want to make a tincture of some herb to add to the wine. When would I add the tincture to the batch? Thank you

  16. JAllison32Sep 16, 2012

    Great video. This has peaked my interest in Herbalism and will add some books on the subject to my library. I am a firm believer in trying other remedies besides drugs because the drugs cure the effects, but it does not always address the problem that is causing the effects.

  17. cdltpxSep 16, 2012

    They would like to read it you would like them to read it they are too lazy to go to the library where they can get it for free. Tell them do it this way or see the library. If your local library doesn’t have it ask the reference librarian they can track down the book from another library they will call him when the book comes in,that is if he has good standing with the library and he probably doesn’t. They are calling you sucker is what is happening.

  18. merddyn2002Sep 16, 2012

    With the taste of a lot of medicinal herbs you’ll have to mask those disagreeable flavors with something pretty potent. Cinnamon and Cloves and other heavy spices can cover quite a bit, but this is still just experimental for me. It may indeed turn out that no amount of spice will cover that taste. Valerian in particular is nasty stuff on the taste buds. We’ll see what we can manage as far as flavor once I can sample the final tincture.

  19. merddyn2002Sep 16, 2012

    it hasn’t really been isolated as to whether it’s the berry, leaf or bark as I understand it. The pills from Mountain Rose Herbs have equal part each. In any case they’re effective. The taste is something you really have to consider when trying to brew your medicine. If you’re going to have a brew then you generally want it to be a pleasurable experience drinking. If not then you’re better off in pill form.

  20. merddyn2002Sep 16, 2012

    i’ve never considered that but I would hate to get so formal with friends. I would rather just not loan out the books I really don’t want to lose.

  21. AlcoholLevelSep 16, 2012

    whew… be content with hawthorn berry in pill form and not something you have to chew. For example, hawthorn chocolate…. yikes. Some of the worst tasting chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life….. the indians grow a lot of hawthorn where I grew (near the manitoulin island.) They think of it as a delicacy… I think of it as a bunch of rubbish….. but maybe there’s something in there that can help improve ones health, I’m open to that.

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